Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre-Op & Post-Op BS

I had to be at the breast center Tuesday morning at 9:30. I arrived on time in full make-up, full hair and fully clothed. At the breast center I was to have an ultrasound, a needle localization and a mammogram. The ultrasound was to locate the "marker" that was inserted into the biopsied area when I had the fine needle aspiration of a cyst. The ultrasound could not locate the marker thus forcing me to the humility of a sterotactic table. This table has a hole in the center of if it which, you guessed it, is where your breast "hangs down" through it. You lie face down on the table while people are "working" on your breast. Obviously you can't see what is going on because you are 5 feet in the air and all of the over paid people are underneath the table working with your breast like its a car on a garage rack. X-rays are taken of your breast to locate the marker so the needle localization can be administered. Awesome.

After a $250 co-pay, inquiring of a living will, 12 x-rays, one ultrasound, one mammogram, a wire insertion to my breast, 6 people touching and squeezing my unhappy boobie, transportation in a wheelchair to a hospital van, then transportation from the car through the hospital lobby atrium into pre-op, peeing in a cup, undressing right down to what God gave me, IV insertion with an IV cocktail, crying 3 times because of the humiliation and given an awful patient surgery hat for me to wear I was taken to the operating room.

Two deep breathes of something wonderful and then I woke up to find my breast still in tact. A sweet nurse offered me something for pain. Three pumps of morphine later, I was taken into a another post-op recovery area. I was offered Sprite and crackers. After minimal consumption I became very nauseated. Latex gloves filled with ice were put under my neck & alcohol swabs were placed on my face. I began to feel better until I sat up and it all came back.

Moving mom helped me get dressed and I was trying not to projectile vomit. I finally said I was ready to go and I made it to the car. On the way home I threw up four times in a barf bag in front of someone - I am a loner when it comes to puking but I could not help it. Everytime I heaved I apologized for doing so (I am a violent puker). Finally made it home around 7:00 in the evening. I took a pain pill with a nausea pill and I slept until 8 am the next morning. So....two days later I am alive! I go for the final test results Monday morning.

Thank you everyone who wished me well. And for your viewing pleasure:

Monday, October 24, 2011

People to Do, Places to See

Hey party big day is tomorrow. By big day I mean tomorrow is the day for my surgery and my anxiety level is in overload. No food or drink consumption after midnight tonight and I am nixing any hooch just for added goodness for my well being.

I have to be at the Breast Center for my needle localization tomorrow morning at 9:30. That involves having a wire inserted into my breast near and toward the area affected so the surgeon doesn't go in completely blind (what?). Then I will be transported to the outpatient center where I will register, sign my life away and be taken to pre-op where I will be given a trend setting, fancy, little gown and an IV cocktail so I can chill out for a minute before I am thrown to the wolves. The procedure should take more no more than an hour and a half depending upon if there is any more "involved area".

If all goes well I should go home after the surgery and sleep the rest of the day away.

Wish me luck....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why oh Why?

I've asked before but I wanted to ask again to see if anyone had any new insight:

Why are throw pillows so expensive?

Why are Christmas tree skirts so expensive?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

No secret I am a huge fan of the 80's and 90's metal/hair/glam bands. During that era a little group called Guns 'n Roses appeared on the scene. The lead screamer was Axl Rose.

There are now two versions of Axl:

The youthful and obnoxious Axl who many loved.

And the guy who ate Axl.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Think (very) Pink

How convenient that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & I am having a breast issue myself. Coincidence?

My issue is the presence of a papillary lesion in my right breast. Due to the presence of this little guy I have to have it removed by surgery no less. So if I hadn't gone for my baseline mammogram the issue would have not been detected as early as it had. According to the surgeon who is going to take care of me, there is a 5% chance of the lesion could become cancerous and from there the turnover is rapid. So I have to tell myself that I am having surgery (even though I don't feel sick and has already cost me $1138.00 of out of pocket expenses)for a very good reason.

So girls (and a few dudes) take care of your girls!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Four Questions

Why do you look differently in the mirror than you do in pictures?

How did "they" ascertatin the flavor of grape from what a grape really tastes or smells like?

Why can't you eat just one Lay's potato chip?

Why is it easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Public School or Home School....

I might not have a voice here since I don't have kids and only attended public school for two years because I went to a private school the other 10 but...

My view of children who are home schooled and the parents who home school are outcasts, social rejects or are incapable of dealing with the real world. I had a friend, my next door neighbor who was home schooled. She was home schooled because she was a Jehovah's Witness. If you don't know much about the Jehovah's Witness religion, some would liken it to a cult. Witnesses don't celebrate any holidays including their own birthdays, don't salute the flag, they don't take or give blood, if you marry someone outside of the Witness circle you are removed from the congregation and I don't think they are allowed in any other religious buildings other than their Kingdom Halls. I have known my friend for over 30 years and even now when I see her she asks if I want to have a Bible study and because I am not married she will inquire of my sex life, because premarital sex is a no-no as well. But you get the idea right? She was a little weird because of her religion so she was home schooled which in turn made her a bit of a social reject. She married at 18 years old to man in her congregation and then she had an extra marital affair with her father in law (not a witness) who was 40 years her senior. She later married him, had a kid who is also home schooled. She was kicked out of her congregation because of the affair but "studied" so she could return to it and also "turned" her husband onto the ways of the Witness religion. Beyond me, she has no friends or outside life that involves non-Witnesses. Never had a real job. I believe she makes crafts and cleans houses (not that either of those are any less important). My point is, if she had been left in a "real" school her circumstances would have possibly been different.

I have noticed that home schooling parents are odd birds to begin with ie. the Duggars. The mother almost always dons an outdated hairstyle. The dad is never cool or hip. There is an over crazed view of religion. The kids themselves look unkempt. But none of that matters, really. By the way, the last time I saw my friend, she had hair clips all over her hair. Those hair clips are not intended for women her age...she is older than I.

I support public schools 100%. The teachers are trained in education where they have earned their teaching certificate. Children in public schools learn to interact socially in a diverse setting. Structure and goals are set and met daily. Some pose the statement that public schools aren't safe. The safety that is spoken of usually refers to Columbine or any other school shooting. How man public schools are in the USA - 125,000? That would equal 2500 schools per state. Out of those 125,000 public schools how many Columbine incidents are you aware of? 10? 15? While I realize that one incident is far too many the ratio speaks for itself. No place is immune to anyone walking in and unloading bullets - banks, churches, convenience stores, homes, sidewalks have all seen their share of fatalities. Again, you can't protect someone from everything even when your best intentions are in place.

Home schooling to me seems like no schooling. It is the parent's job to teach values, morals and life's lessons. It is the public teachers job to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, physical education and some more life lessons.

If you home school there are no proms, no sports, no SGA elections, no Valedictorians, no senior class trip, no high school sweethearts, no awful cafeteria food and no chance for making life long friends beginning in the first grade. What girl doesn't want to attend her high school prom or be voted for homecoming queen? What boy doesn't dream of being the star athlete or being a voice of the SGA?

Yes, I rambled and I am proud of it.

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