Thursday, October 13, 2011

Think (very) Pink

How convenient that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & I am having a breast issue myself. Coincidence?

My issue is the presence of a papillary lesion in my right breast. Due to the presence of this little guy I have to have it removed by surgery no less. So if I hadn't gone for my baseline mammogram the issue would have not been detected as early as it had. According to the surgeon who is going to take care of me, there is a 5% chance of the lesion could become cancerous and from there the turnover is rapid. So I have to tell myself that I am having surgery (even though I don't feel sick and has already cost me $1138.00 of out of pocket expenses)for a very good reason.

So girls (and a few dudes) take care of your girls!


The Bug said...

Yikes! I'm glad they found it. Hope the surguery goes smoothly!

BlazngScarlet said...

You can't put a price tage on your life!
Good luck with the surgery!

Heff said...

If there's anything I can hold....I mean, DO - please let me know....

Choleesa said...

Yes.....definitely take care of your tatas..........
Hope all goes well


Get a second opinion before you undergo surgery to see if it is actually necessary.

Doctors are notorious for doing unnecessary surgeries to line their pockets.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Hate that you're having to go through that, Kim, but grateful the news wasn't worse.
Hoisting a large cocktail in your general direction and wishing you good health, my friend!

JLee said...

Good attitude, Kim! I had a scare in '08, a biopsy. (I lost my mother to breast cancer years ago) It is well worth the peace of mind! Mine turned out to be nothing, but the doc said in my post op to a colleague "I really thought it was cancer" Not a good attitude at all! lol

Glad you are getting it taken care of and we will all hold your hand :)

JLee said...

lol Heff!

Anonymous said...

I'll come down and see you. xo

Red Shoes said...

A timely message... my friend, Jane, died Sunday. This is a most serious message...


Kimberly said...

Bug - hope for the best, pray for the rest.

Scarlet - Price tage - is that french & thanks!

Heff - always offering lend a helping HAND.

Choleesa - it was a complete fluke I even went for the check up. It was more like a check IN.

Uberbitch - will you give me one yours if mine is taken away?

Skitzo - why don't you come & serve mimosas at the hospital during the actual surgery? Hmmm? Why don't you just do that?

JLee - you can hold Heff's hand down as he is reaching to hold my boob.

Nixabn - You can have mimosas in the waiting area with Skitzo and the rest of my non-drinking family.

Mr. Shoes - sorry about your thoughts are with you. You can come and have a cocktail too - one most certainly in your friend's honor.

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