Monday, September 29, 2008


M - Moaning the blues (not making a joyful noise)
O - Overworked (and underpaid)
N - Nausea (wait - blehh)
D - Dreary (mood altering and not mushroom induced)
A - Abhor (loathe, hate, not looked foward to)
Y - Yowl (crying and still moaning the blues)

Friday, September 19, 2008

For Real?

What seems like seconds ago, a friend of mine told me that "they" were getting a divorce. While not shocked, my heart immediately ached. My lungs closed in tightly around my heart as to hug it and my stomach reached upward and placed a large band aid on it. I guess forever really isn't forever anymore, its just a short period of time. Divorce for most these days is just as easy as changing jobs and I can certainly vouch for that. In a former career, I was completely content in my held position but my co-worker and colleague clearly had higher aspirations for themselves moving up the corporate ladder, so I found myself quickly demoted. Years ago, a former roommate of mine was experiencing turbulent divorce waters as I was moving into her home. At that time in my very inexperienced life, I had no idea of how she felt or what she was dealing with but after walking a mile in her so called shoes, I found myself a couple of years later eating my own words and thoughts about what she had endured. No doubt, divorce is the worst roller coaster ride I have ever been on, which included but was not limited too bouts of nausea and vomiting. But, this is the land of plenty and we are free to choose and do as we will, all within certain legal boundaries and there is nothing more legal than divorce proceedings. After all, the chief cause of divorce is marriage and 100% of all divorces begin in marriage.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How Do You Say Opossum?

Last night my dogs began to do the distress call (that only mother would know) to warn of enemies in their territory. The territory was the backyard and the enemy at paw was a opossum. I grabbed a flash light, digital camera and began to patrol the area like Rambo. When I found the opossum , it was sitting on top of the chain link fence and not dangling from a tree much to my sadness. It was the ususal opossum type - grey spikey fur, beadie eyes, pink paws and a very handsome tail. As I scooted closer, and I say scooted because I was terrified at any moment this thing would yell "Banzai" and lurch toward me and crawl directly up my leg. But again, to my dismay, it just sat there. As I brought the camera up toward my eye some music began. The chosen song was I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. The opossum began to speak in a French accent - do you like me like theese or like theese? How zabout theese? It contorted its body and gave its toothy grin while mentioning something about copyright laws. In shock, I dropped my camera and the music stopped. I picked up the camera and the music began again. This opossum was "cat walking" on the top of the fence rail and voguing if you will, for my camera! I kept clicking and the opossum kept posing. The dogs jowls had dropped to the ground and their eyes were the size of pancakes. They, too could not believe what they were seeing or hearing for that matter. Liddy began to stutter as she pointed toward the runway critter, "Puh, puh, puh, opossums are supposed to play dead not dance to Right Said Fred!", she said. Jack mentioned the bump he took on his head the week before must have knocked something lose. Lori said she'd bunked with one in juvie hall but it never said it was too sexy for a shirt and Gracie just wrapped her ears around her face. As the camera's battery began to dwindle the music dwindled along with it. Before we retreated back inside the opossum requested all photos be airbrushed where needed and would be availabe for work on an as needed basis.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Once upon a time in a life long ago, someone told me they admired me because I wasn't afraid of anything. Today, older but really none the wiser, I realize I am afraid. I am afraid of many things such as:

1. Spiders
2. Heights
3. Not being loved
4. Wearing white after Labor Day
5. Losing my teeth
6. Not getting into Heaven
7. Bad Chinese
8. Public speaking
9. My mother dying
10. Meeting Nikki Sixx and not knowing I have spinach in my teeth
11. Stone washed jeans returning to the world of fashion
12. Living my life without forgiveness for the people I have hurt or not being able to forgive the people who have hurt me

With age comes many things into our life and one of those things that is coming for me is the ability to be more careful and more insightful before I open my mouth, my heart or my hand.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Grandchild

I am not political in any respect. Actually I have never even voted nor do I know the difference between the democratic and republican platforms. It is a right I exercise. Regardless if I vote or not, tomorrow I will still have to get up and go to work, pay taxes and start my diet all over again. However, I am interested in the world's take on Governor Palin's pregnant, unmarried seventeen year old daughter. Obviously not planned, but Bristol could have not have picked a worse time to become so "delicate". A teenage pregnancy surely isn't anything to roll out the red carpet about but you can just bet a mud laden carpet will surely show itself. Bristol was only doing what most of us are doing, have done or will do in our lives, she just simply got caught. I am not condoning teenage sex or teenage pregnancies but it is something I can't control much like people who abuse the system or hurricane season. Teenagers are curious by nature and today children and adolescents mature quicker than ever. What is a fourteen year old girl supposed to do with a body of a 26 year old woman? Again, I am not saying that sex at an early age should be overlooked or praised. Personally, I don't believe Governor Palin's daughter pregnant or not should have any bearing on the upcoming presidential elections. I would hope all emotions on Governor Palin's part and everyone else involved would be removed and she'll do what is right for America. Children of presidential front runners should be off limits regardless of grades, music choices, super hero preference, pregnant or not, and, I never take up for children.

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