Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Four Questions

Why do you look differently in the mirror than you do in pictures?

How did "they" ascertatin the flavor of grape from what a grape really tastes or smells like?

Why can't you eat just one Lay's potato chip?

Why is it easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission?


Red Shoes said...

Question 1: I dunno, but I definitely look better in the mirror than I do in photos... I would imagine that part of it is that all we see in reflections is a mirror image of ourselves, and not exactly as how we appear.

Question 2: Yeah... someone ate the first grape.. prolly Adam and/or Eve... and one of them said, "hmmm... this tastes like chicken, er, I mean, a grape!"

Question 3: Because there is more than one in a bag, plus they are salty as Hell...

Question 4: It just is... :op


Heff said...

1. Because in the mirror I'm usually NAKED and aroused.

2. Grape Concentrate would be my guess. Didn't know grapes could concentrate, did ya ?

3. Because you have a shitty diet.

4. Because fucking up is a GIVEN. Allowance is NOT.

The Bug said...

1. cause we're backwards.
2. personally I think that grape things DON'T taste like a grape.
3. what Shoes said.
4. because we WANT TO DO IT and we know we'll be told no. If we just pretend that we don't need permission then we can just do it anyway & then go "oops" when someone calls us on it.


Q 5. Can a smoker who is quitting be found quilty of murder?

KittyCat said...

Number 4 is so true
hey if yiu want to read my blog
I had to go private
just email me your email address ;)


Kimberly said...

Shoes - a real grape flavor and the man made grape flavor is nothing alike! Chicken or not!

Heff - you have a shitty diet!

Bug - the great grape mystery...you know banana is the same way too.

Uberbitch - no. Same thing when the menstrual cycle comes into play - its a chemical imbalance & we can't help it.

Kitty - are you on the lamb?

The Savage said...

1: There is motion in the mirror
2: mmmmmmm Grapes
3: mmmmmmm Lays potato chips
4: Because it's the American Way

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