Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crazy Town, Pop. 2

I share parental duties with my man friend.  He & I have his kids every other week for the full week.  So think 7 days on & 7 days off.  The little people move from one home to the other on Sunday evenings.  This week is our week. 

One of the little people plays city league football.  This little person, Cool Breeze, has practice 3 evenings a week & a game on Saturday.  This is the final week for the city league.  There has been days through out the season when Cool Breeze has wanted to quit & my man friend, his dad would not let him.  The lesson here was finish what you start, when you make a commitment to a team you keep the commitment.  This lesson has not been followed very well by Crazy Train, his mother. Last week Cool Breeze missed all 3 practices & his game.  When you miss a practice the player has to run laps.  Crazy Train said he wasn't going to run laps & she was going to set the coach straight.  Well, I took Cool Breeze to practice last night because my man friend had a late meeting but he would join as soon as it was over.  So Cool Breeze & I arrive at the football field at 5:30.  Cool Breeze says "that looks like mom & Black Tooth, the step dad" and it sure was.  The coach arrives, my man friend arrives & the residents of Crazy Town walk toward the coach.  Crazy Train tells the coach he is not going to run any laps & the coach says yes he is if he is a member of this team.  Crazy Train & Black Tooth ask Cool Breeze if he wants to quit & my man friend asks do you want to be a quitter?  Black Tooth says quitting doesn't make you a quitter.  Wait.  What?  Say that again...quitting doesn't maker you a quitter?  Well what the fuck does?

From my viewpoint ---- Crazy Town looked off her rocker while she was talking to the coach --- no make up, hair was frizzy & bleached, hollow eyed.  Black Tooth looked like a total douche bag in his track pants & this slimy, thin ring of hair around his mouth that he might call a goatee.  Both of them came looking for a confrontation & didn't get it. 

After the residents of Crazy Town tried to put on a show & set the coach straight ---- Cool Breeze ran his laps & didn't quit. 

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