Monday, June 24, 2013

1000 Faces In The Crowd

I was in New Orleans over the weekend walking through Jackson Square & I saw this fella.  He was playing his guitar in the square and he had a tip jar in front of him.  I gave him some money & then asked to take his picture.  He did smile & I snapped the shot.  I asked him his name & he said "Joe".

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Conversations With a 10 Year Old

While sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks during my lunch hour which was being spent with my manfriend's 10 year old boy & soon to be my co-child, I pulled my make up bag from my hand bag & applied powder to my face & lipstick to my lips. 

The 10 year old says: "So this is what you do?"
Me: "Do what?"
The 10 year old: "Put on make up at lunch."
Me: "I am just re-applying."
The 10 year old: "You don't look bad without make up."
M e: "Thank you."
The 10 year old: "Except when you have a bad hair day."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sign I Might Be Boarding the Crazy Train

I like to multi-task & its part of my self diagnosed ADD, so while brushing my teeth this morning I was also putting away a couple of dishes I hand washed last night, feeding & watering my pets, completing a set of leg squats and checking my eBay account.  After successfully finishing all of the above I finished the morning by getting ready for work.  While driving to work I fished around in my handbag looking for lipstick & I found my toothbrush (straight face).  I put my toothbrush in my handbag! 

I have been known to put my bra in the freezer after witnessing the high karate of David Lee Roth while passing on a hit of marijuana (I said pass) & swilling Budweiser but I have never, even on my worse day put my toothbrush in my purse! 

"All aboard!  Ha ha ha!  Crazy, hey that's how it goes...."

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