Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Can't Stop This Train

"Luck is for losers & winners don't complain"....

If you are single, why are you? Are you better or worse because of it?

If you are part of a duo, what makes it work?

I am in a relationship. I can accurately say that it is not a great relationship. History repeats for me as in I tend to believe the best is yet to be with the person I am with. Pretty sure the problem is it always has been. I expect too much & receive to little. Therefore, I am the faulty switch.

Any advice? (If any of you tell me to pack it up, then I expect you to be part of
the packing savior wagon). Speak carefully !!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things That Make you Hmm, Hmmm, Hmmmm

The wee hours of the morning are wee because?  An hour is 60 minutes no matter what time zone you're why are morning hours wee & the rest are just _________________?

Why do you drive on a parkway & park on a driveway? (its just fun to say)

Why are area rugs so expensive?  You can carpet an entire room sometimes for what a 9x9 rug costs.

What snaps in a person to make them become so obsessive with things?  Like doll collectors, cat collectors, NASCAR fans, beer drinkers or comic book freaks?  I love lots of things & there are things that I am more passionate about than others such as dogs but I don't wear pictures of dogs on my clothes or any other accessory.  I don't have dog knick knacks & what not's around the house.  I love Nikki Sixx but I don't have his picture by my bed or his dead body in the freezer. I know when to draw the line.

And finally throw pillows  Why in the hell are those things so expensive? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Words of Wisdom

"Always have two ways out of everything". ~~ Mrs. Shambo

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Older But None The Wiser

Today I am 38 years old young. I struck through old because I don't feel old I just know that I am older.  I can't believe I am knocking on 40's door.  Truthfully, it freaks me the fuck out.  40.  Forty. Four-tee! In 22 years I will be 60 which is even more freaky. 

I just got a new car.  A car that I've wanted for the better part of 10 years & now I have it.  Now what?  I have a home, bonus children, 3 dogs, 2 cats (that I didn't want), a close family, an extended family, 4 best friends, many other acquaintances, a job I like, all my teeth, my hair, about 1,001 freckles, a 401 (k) & I am engaged to my man friend. Some might say I am as a rich as I could be in so many ways, others might say that I am bragging & then some will say that I live beyond my means. After you acquire so many things, achieve goals, make your own history, then what?  Wait for the reaper?

I watch older couples when I am out & about.  They sit across from each other as they eat.  Not speaking or smacking or smiling, like wrinkled robots.  I wonder - is this what my man friend & I will become?  Just ambling through the day, biding our time until our real time is up? I want to celebrate life now, enjoy it & when my time is near I want to go out swinging!  But, I find it hard to not worry & to be in the moment when I am worrying about stuff that hasn't even happened & may never happen. 

Sometimes I wonder how I will die.  If the ways I have abused my body will be my demise.  I read an article about the secrets of living to be 100 years old from centenarians themselves:

"I eat bacon every day".
"A little scotch goes a long way".
"Two pounds of chocolate a week".
"I do what I love".
"When I go to a party, I'm going to have a highball".
"Riding your bike 'til your 100, then quitting smoking at 117".
"I read 3 newspapers every day & watch C-Span to keep my mind sharp".

Alcohol & smoking is a secret to longer living? That goes against everything we're told!  Lets look at George Burns who smoked cigars & fathered children until he died at 100. 


Lemmy Kilmister isn't really near 100, only 67. but he smokes, swills Jack Daniels & uses speed & coke - lives like a true rock star, indestructible. 

Or what about...

My great-grandfather, Oliver Cooper, fished, hunted, gardened, was an active Mason, church deacon, never drank alcohol, never smoked, ate fried meat & bread everyday, drank whole milk, black coffee & sweet tea, was a volunteer fireman and loved only one woman until he died at 97. 

And then there was...

Hank Williams, Sr. died at 29 from complications of the usage of alcohol.

And how can he not be mentioned...

Ozzy Osbourne, no words are needed. 

I don't know what the secret of longevity is.  I suppose its a different secret to everyone. Harmony, wisdom, power, courage, generosity, success, spirituality, chocolate, alcohol & fried chicken = a long & healthy life?  I guess we'll have to wait & see.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bayerische Motoren Werke

Also known as Bavarian Motor Works or most commonly as BMW & sometimes as a Beemer.  

My new wheels...anyone up for a road trip?

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