Sunday, August 31, 2008

Choice Chosen

Not too long ago I wrote a short essay on my choice of not having kids. This morning everything I wrote in that short essay came to fruition. As I was sitting in a restaurant ordering breakfast a couple next to me had not one, two or three kids but four. There should be some type of cap of the amount of children one should have especially if they choose to make them "door steps". The smallest child probably 3 years old, cotton top blonde, wore a white t-shirt with a red stain down the front and shoeless was sitting in between mom and dad. As their breakfast order arrived, the child stood up in his seat and exclaimed "pancake!". Then he proceeded to sit on the table while mom just watched. He also threw a fork to the other side of the restaurant. The he attempted to throw the salt shaker - the older sister took the shaker before he could make the double play. Mom nor dad did not get up and retrieve the fork or make an apology to the couple sitting at the table it landed under. The kid continued to shriek as he ate his pancake. The other smallest child was crying because his pancake didn't look right...

Behind me, sat another small child in a high chair. A two year old boy with a horrific "bowl" haircut, that in my opinion just screams "brat" in a overall "onesy" with his name, Ben, embroidered on the front. This particular child was making sounds like the mermaid, Madison, from the movie Splash as she tried to say her name in her native language, "eeeyyyyeeeeeeeek, eeeyyyeeeeeeeek". Maybe the windows didn't shatter but my eardrums burst. An older child at the table was instructed to take Ben outside because he needed to walk (like he was a puppy or something). So she does and in doing so she takes Ben from chair and he cries and flails around in her arms because he wants to be let down. Then outside, stands right in front of the window where I am sitting, holding Ben so he can waive at his mother. Ben's overalls should have read - Damien.

Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back In The Day

In my journey of blogging I still haven't quite decided what a blog is. Say it with me - blog, buh-log. I guess it is a way to express your ideals, passions, life and losses and not necessarily the sound you make after one two many martinis. My grandparents and your grandparents wrote in journals or maybe they didn't write at all. Should I have any grandchildren my story to them may go something like this "In my day we blogged. We blogged and we liked it".

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Memory

My grandfather eating anything would cause his temples to move up and down. As I typed this I placed my fingers on my temples and pretended to eat. I could feel movement in my temples - maybe temple flexibility isn't a hidden super hero power but when he would eat his temples moved like a bird's wings in flight. I just knew at any moment he would lift away from the table while he was eating cornbread and fresh onions. His hair was silver and cut short on the sides which now reminds me of a bald eagle. Silver wings....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tiny Little Morsels

A few little morsels of life that when one hasn't exactly been in your shoes likes to give out:

Build a bridge and get over it - Are you talking about getting over shark infested waters or an erupting volcano? Unless you know exactly the multitude of pain, despair or lack of bravery one is facing, please keep these words to yourself.

Save some for a rainy day - What are you suggesting one save? Money, pot, fancy underwear or the good china? Who would use good china on a rainy day?

There are other fish in the sea - Maybe this was the world record weight species holder. Maybe it was the big one. Just maybe I didn't want to throw it back. Unless you are on a fishing charter with me and I pull in an under weight mackerel - the comment is useless.

I do - You do what? You just DO'd in your pants? You DO plan on taking my heart straight from my chest and twisting it until it is unrecognizable? You DO not plan on ever doing your own laundry? What is it that you will or will not DO?

You look tired - Well, lets see I was up all night knitting mittens and toboggans for the less fortunate and before that I gave every dog in our neighborhood a free bath. Please, telling someone they look tired is just a kind way of saying "please put a bag over your head, you look like death warmed over".

Wow, I feel so much better.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Random Thoughts & Ideas

If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Is global warming a hoax? (there are many ideas to support this idea) Now, I would like to believe there really is no global warming crisis but what harm is done by wasting a little less? Some people believe that heaven doesn't exist so why should they do good while on earth? Well, it is the same thing as being more enviromentally aware - what does it hurt and certainly who does it hurt?

Are Bigfoot and Loch Ness really possible living creatures?

How can your hair affect your day?

How much will gas cost next summer?

How do you forgive when you can't forget?

Can one person save the world?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear Me

A letter to 15 year old me from my 32 year old self.

Dear Me,
The year is 2008 and it has been a busy year. Presidential elections are up in November. Gas prices are at an all time high and the economy is poor. However, none of that is really important to you. I wanted to get in touch with you and give you some of the ole’ “if I knew then what I know advice”. I’ll start with family is important. Enjoy the meals at the dinner table with our parents. Take that trip to Mobile with Papa by yourself. Visit our grandparents when they are sick. Keep in touch with our cousins after you think you’ve outgrown each other. Take our time when it comes to the boys. Heartache is right around the corner and comes sooner than you think. We’ll love and lose and finally we will love and win but its not Nikki Sixx waiting for us in the winner’s circle. All that time we spend alone now, we’ll enjoy later, too. Don’t mess around our junior year in high school. Mom is not going to let us go back to our old school no matter how badly we try to fail in the new one. Try all of the new hair styles and start flossing now. The world will come at us hard sometimes but just get up, dust ourself off and get back in the game. Remember anything worth having is worth fighting and working for. We are going to experience some amazing things and get somethings we surely didn't deserve. You are a good person and know that everything you endure now will make you stronger later. Keep reaching and keep rising.

In our best interest,


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Things PC

Not PC as in politically correct but PC as in personal computer. That's right Peee Ceee. This evening when I arrived home from work my beloved met me at the front door exclaiming he had made an extreme purchase for me - An HP Pavilion Notebook. He had already gotten Internet, a modem, USB cable - basically everything I needed to get this party started. How lucky am I? I am officially among the masses. No longer the sad clown with the smallest shoes. I am the ringmaster!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Force Is Too Great

When I was a young lass my bedroom was covered with posters of anyone who was featured in Hit Parader (yep, that included White Lion and Winger). And I am not ashamed to say I sing along loudly and play air guitar when I can catch one of their videos on Metal Mania. I don't think White Lion & Winger were actually metal groups. Big hair and posers absolutely. As I am being pulled deeper into the world of all things rock - I realize I am one black eye liner pencil from putting Nikki Sixx posters over my bed. How did I get to this point?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock, Rock, Rolly, Rolly

A rock n roll explosion will be happening along the gulf coast tonight. Journey, Heart & Cheap trick will be appearing. While any type of music venue in an outdoor amphitheater near the beach and featuring tons of cold beer would be over the top - I have to say the concert that will be taking place tonight isn't exciting to me. Maybe its because I will not be sweating with the masses in my leather pants? Or maybe its because Steve Perry is no longer the lead singer of Journey? Probably the latter. Arnel Pineda is now the man of the hour. Journey is no longer Journey - its more of a short trip. In the history of rock n roll what original frontman being replaced by another has continued to make the band a success? Two words come to mind - Sammy Hagar. Though some would totally disagree, Sammy Hagar filled the very purple leather boots that David Lee Roth once wore and he filled them nicely. Then when Gary Cherone stepped in as Sammy's replacement, the act was a dud (no offense Gary). Now Mr. Black Belt (DLR) himself is back in the saddle. I'd love to see Van Halen back on top. Or how about when Vince Neil left Motley Crue and John Corabi stepped in? Total flop (total offense to you John). Of course our golden boy, Vince has since returned to MC and making an outstanding comeback. I guess history does repeat itself. Rock n Roll Forever!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Ideas, Thoughts & Other Misfortunes

I was standing on the back deck a few early mornings ago. Our backyard is shaded by this enormous live oak. Through the live oak limbs & leaves I could see an airplane flying over. Probably a FedEx plane delivering to Brookley field since it was so early in the morning and flying so low. The sight of the plane made me feel lonely and small. I have no idea what that was about.

On the way into work this morning I saw a man litter in the Bankhead tunnel. He was older and in a nice vehicle. I was so iritated that I wanted to cry. Who throws trash on the ground these days? I thought littering like big hair was so over in the 80's?

The home we lived in before our current home just happens to be right across the street from where we are now. Convenient or what? Anyway, a car pulled in front of the old house yesterday. All I could think was please don't be our new neighbors - and I was purely judging them by their car.

Gracie, my bassett hound, had surgery almost two weeks ago. It was a routine operation and during the operation the vet found 4 mammary tumors that were malignant and already "involved". I was and am heartbroken. All I can think of now is that I have a child with cancer and its growing in her everyday and there is nothing I can do.

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