Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ever Wonder Why...?

Why we are here? How we got here? By we, I mean the entire population. Nine planets in the solar system, right? Only one is inhabited by human life forms? Is it arrogant to think we are the only ones floating around in the universe. Its just so crazy to sit back and really think about how it all began. Dinosaurs and the ice age. The beginning of time as mentioned in Genesis. All the people who have died before us. If we are lucky, all the people who will die after us. Do we each have our own purpose? Or are some of us, most of us, put here just to take up space? Its a huge puzzle and I don't have the brain capacity to solve. In my early twenties I threw caution to the wind. I ate what I wanted, drank what I wanted, spent what I wanted, went where I wanted, dated who I wanted all when I wanted too. Now with the new adventure called the 30's riding in my backseat I am little more cautious. I think about my 20's and realize I made some very poor choices. I have no regrets but I do realize I was very careless. My fix for everything in life before was put on lipstick and smooth out my hair. Now its drink lots of water, lock your doors, loose a little weight, no red meat, evening cocktails and call your family more often. In the end everything you and I do will matter. How we treated ourselves, our families and people we don't even know. How many times we got a sunburn, what you were really thinking in church, your Madonna phase and if your parents are divorced. Everything affects everything. I have dreaded writing this blog because its all over the place and I knew it would show up - so here it is.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

1. A doctor who drove a lamborghini
2. A lawyer who carried an alligator briefcase
3. A truck driver
4. Loretta Lynn
5. A stewardess - now known as a flight attendant
6. Sally Field in Smokey and the Bandit
7. Annie when she moved in with Daddy Warbucks
8. A teacher so I could let my students do nothing all day - today that makes no sense to me at all
9. A secretary that dealt with tons of paperwork - is exactly what I do and am today
10. A beauty pagent winner
11. Nikki Sixx's girlfriend
12. A "roadie"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

End of the World?

I have discovered the date for the end of our world - it is December 21, 2012. The date has to do with the end of the Mayan long calendar. Alot of astronomy (stars) and astrology (numbers)is associated with the new end of time date. There are thousands and thousands of web links telling us to get ready, telling of prophecies that are coming true as I write this. Past end of time dates have never phased me but I think I might be sold on this one. Should this really be our date of destruction what should I do with my next 4 1/2 years? I will be 4 days shy of my 38th birthday on 12/21/2012 which means that right now my biological clock is ticking. Should I bring a child into this world when death will meet it in 4 years? Should I quit my job and join the peace corp? Climb Mt. Everest? Should I throw myself at the feet of Nikki Sixx and tell him of our impending doom and tell him the fate of the world lies between us? Should I complete my lists of things to do before I die now and save nothing for later? There is so much to do and so little time! Some of the links to the end of the world give lists of supplies: gas masks, water purification tablets, crank radios and so on. There is no mention of clean underwear, Spam and chapstick. There is mention of 112 popes to serve before doomsday - #111 is serving now. Coinicedence? Revelations tells of the world ending in feverent fire. Could global warming be the first of this prophecy? The weather patterns are crazy all over the world. Could this be a sign of the planets aligning? There are so many obscure things to read about and so many that are just dead on. The information is out there its just a matter of believing it. Its scary and overwhelming. Its true I could be hit by a bus today or have a safe fall on me tomorrow but at least I WOULDN'T be expecting it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our New Home

There have been many that were driven by, shown and called about. Then one day I kept hearing this noise, muffled but sounded like a grown man, like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz saying "Buy me, buy meeee". I finally figured out what it was - it was the house across the street. Right across the street! The house went on the market on a Friday. We called the realtor on a Saturday. Scheduled a showing for Sunday. Made an offer Monday & it was accepted. Hallejuiah! At that moment, that very single moment our lives changed forever. Its no secret we have been living together for 4 years as renters and never really thought buying a home together would happen. After everything was set into motion the house would wink at me when I drove by. It also offered good mornings, good nites and what's for dinner. It was comforting knowing that something wanted us as bad as we wanted it. The outside color is a very handsome khaki with white trim & black shutters. There are 3 sycamore trees in the front yard. The kitchen is red, bathroom, hallway, living room & entry way are yellow. Bedrooms are taupe and the dining room is khaki. There is an indoor laundry room and a wood deck on the back. The backyard is fenced and surrounded by trees. There is also a time-out kennel for the pups (it has not been used). Gracie (basset hound) was a little sad about moving because her boyfriend (a Boxer mix named Rico) lived behind us in the rental home. I reminded her that men are like buses - one comes along every 20 minutes. Gracie said I didn't undertand that it wasn't puppy love and I told her she would see in time. The other 3 dogs had no issues with moving. They were looking forward to some new scenery. With mountains of paperwork and the back breaking move behind us - we can now say "Welcome to our happy home!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breaker Breaker 1-9

Yesterday I was driving in my car and I heard a song on the radio "Convoy". The song is a little dated and so is the movie but both remind me so much of my dad. Dad is a big truck driver. Most people call them semi's or 18-wheelers but I call them big trucks. Always have, always will. So the song is playing and I am singing along "we gotta great big convoy rocking thru the night, yeah we gotta little ol' convoy ain't she a beautiful site - CONVOY". If I'd had a CB in my car I would have gotten on it - "Breaker Breaker 1-9 this hear is the Little Kidd - anyone got your ears on? Come on back". I say Little Kidd because my dad's handle is The Kidd and my mom was actually Lady Kidd. Pretty cool, huh? My dad has drove truck all his life. Its the only job he has ever had - learned it, lives it, loves it. He has driven to and around all lower 48 states. My mom and I went to California with him when I was small in a red and black Kentworth (KW) with a picture of Farrah Fawcett airbrushed on the back. Dad has lots of trucking buddies and some were around the house every now and then - "Chicken Plucker", "Baby Doll", "Windy", "The Lone Ranger", "Strawberry Roan", "Keystone", "Go Yonder". The truck drivers of today are not the ones I remember growing up around. Shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, pony-tails and earrings are seen today. Not so when I was around my dad and his generation. It was boots, Wrangler jeans, button downs, trucker hats, the occasional cowboy hat and women truck drivers were almost non-existent. They all waived at each other, let everyone know if there were police (smokies, bears or the county mounty) ahead or behind them, flashed their headlights when it was okay to pass into the other lane. I still do the arm pump to get a big rig to blow its horn. What can I say? Somethings you never outgrow.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

12 More Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die

1. Own a Hermes Birkin bag
2. Be a parent & grandparent
3. Swing from a trapeze
4. Win a hot dog eating contest
5. Partake in the Polar Bear swim thing
6. Yell "Fire" in a very crowded room
7. Horseback ride on a gorgeous beach
8. Start an urban legend via chain email
9. Answer the phone at work in Pig Latin - "Ood-gay orning-May Udweiser-bay Usch-bay. Ow-Hay an-ca I-ay elp-hay ou-ya?"
10. Visit New York
11. Not look like a tourist when I visit New York
12. Be a better friend, neighbor, daughter, lover - person

Monday, May 5, 2008

Easy Come, Easy Go

Its Monday, again. I've never agreed with the 5/2 work week. My weekends seem to go so fast and the week never ends. Remember when you were a teenager and you couldn't wait to graduate high school, leave home, begin college and move into the real world? Then we enetered the real world and wished ever so greatly that we could return to our teenage lives. Lazy summers, lazy afternoons. My parents were rarely home in the afternoon so I spent alot of time by myself. Something I still enjoy now. Bills, a mortgage, insurance and complicated relationships is what my adult life has brought me. It wouldn't be fair to say that its all bad, because it isn't. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother. My relationship with my dad is a work in progress. My parents divorced when I was 22 or so. It was difficult to endure. My mother loved my dad very much and I think he loved her in his own way. But it had to end. They were no good together. Since, both have remarried. I love my mother's husband. I don't care for my dad's wife. She is a demon - the kind with large teeth & a pitchfork tail. I guess karma really is a bitch. Everything my dad has ever done to my mother is now being done to him. Can you ever right the people you wronged? I've been with my current boyfriend for 4.5 years and we live together. We have four-4 legged children and one finned child. The road in our relationship has been bumpy - oh who am I kidding? There was not even a road at some stops along the way but recently new pavement was lain and everything really is smooth now. Its how I always thought we'd be. Confucious says "As you think, so shall you be." I believe it.

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