Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Have Issues!

How many of you lovely ladies & maybe some of you handsome men while shopping say to yourself:

"Carrie would wear this".

"Definitely Charlotte".

"Oh totally Samantha".

"I can see Miranda in this".


And while I am barking at myself what is up with the # sign being called a hashtag?  WTF?  I guess if I were a stone cold tweeter I could embrace it, tolerate it, use it, even enjoy it?  #stupidhashtag

And this is old hat but...

How in the world can you possibly think you look attractive?  I prefer a little color myself since I am the whitest white girl I know but this goes beyond COLOR.  Tanning Mom is 44 years old...and this woman is

48 years old!
Yeah, yeah I know Sandra has a bit o'cash & can afford this and that beauty treatment, but they are both in a spotlight of sorts.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Ask Why?

Truth - when you read the words upcycled, recycled, eco-friendly you know a higher price will be involved but why?  Why are these more costly than something NEWLY produced?

Truth - if you have something on your face such as a lipstick smear or something left over from lunch in your teeth, 10 people will look at you & say nothing about it, why?

WHY damnit!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Private or Commercial?

If you had an ass load of money, were famous or could just do it ---- wouldn't you choose a private jet & aiport for all of your travel needs?  Why do all of the Kardashian Klan fly commerically?  This includes Kanye Kardashian & the other people that married into the insanely, over-inflated egonistas -  
Can't you media whores fly privately so some other person whom we might be interested in take up the inside pages of trashy magazines or the trailers of entertainment news? Didn't anyone in your immediate up bringing teach any of you about modesty?  Ever heard "less is more"? How about "always keep 'em guessing"?

Oh Emm Gee!  What was I thinking?  If you fly privately then there is no airport to walk through.  No camera flicker to accentuate your overly made up faces & uncomfortable, ridiculous choice of clothing to fly from coast coast in. In other words, no one can see you & how utterly important you are.  Of course I realize I am trying to rationalize with a rookie porn star...

Again, what was I thinking?

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