Friday, April 26, 2013

A Country Legend

When I was younger, much younger I thought the music my parents listened to was so "out of style".  I listen to that same music now.

Thank you for the memoies.
George Jones
1931 - 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Breakfast of Fabulous People

Here we have a feast fit for a fabulous person:

The menu includes:

1 - Starbucks Raspberry Pomegranate Refresher beverage; 60 calories
1 - 9 oz. Energizer Trail Mix; 140 calories
1 - Darkside of the Rainbow Skittles pack; 230 calories

Extremely glorious, fabulous & healthy, right?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Need An Epipen - Stat!

I had an allergic reaction yesterday evening. Let's access the situation: 

Did I have breathing issues?  No.

Was there an aggressive need to claw my skin to shreds?  No.

Did my tongue swell?  No.

Was I bitten by a bug, spider, a flying something?  Not that I could tell.

Was my skin hot?  Yes.

Did I eat something that might have triggered this?  Maybe, 2 Girl Scout Cookies - Caramel Delights.

I checked my blood pressure - 130/84.

I checked my blood sugar - 81. 

Did the rash affect any other parts of my body? No.

Are those flecks of brown part of the reaction? No.

Did I find my man friend entwined with another woman?  No.

Did I discover my nostrils are uneven?  Hell yes.  Damn it.  If I didn't worry enough about everything else already -- I had to discover my uneven nostrils.  Not a surprise really since I dislike my nose.  Only now, I dislike it even more & I can't believe that is even possible.

Am I back to normal this morning?  Define normal.

See for yourself.  Sorry for the sideways effect:


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Can Name That Tune in 4 Notes

Ok, you got me...its not a tune & there are no musical notes - instead ---- Name That Dude! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Awful Weather...

Gave way to an awesome night!  My ticket to ride was for a concert at the Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach, Alabama.  The stars that were shinning were Kacey Musgraves, The Eli Young Band & Kenny Chesney. Around the 4th song of Kenny Chesney's, Grace Potter appeard & sang with him You & Tequila.  Near the end of the show...a special guest stepped onto the stage ----- Sammy Hagar.  Thas right, the Red Rocker himself!  He sang I Can't Drive 55 & Finish What Ya Started.  I get starry eyed easily...but what an awesome thing!  Emeril Lagasse popped up on stage & "BAM" he was gone!

My super duper magical iPhone wasn't doing anything that resembled a magic truck for taking pictures.  When Sammy appeared I snuck & weaved around the best I could to get as close as I could to get a picture.  To my dismay one of the Wharf's armed guards told me what I was doing was a fire hazard.  Um, the seats are metal, the ground is concrete & its an amphitheater that was just drenched by torrential rains 2 hours before hand.  The only fire hazard I could see was the heat rising in my face for her interfering with my paparazzi like stealth  to get on near the stage. 

As I was making my way back to my seat from crawling around the front of the stage, a guy stopped me & said "Van Hagar woooo!" "I bet Van Halen is coming up next"...I tried to focus & will them out on stage & while what I wanted what this weirdo was saying to come true I knew it wasn't. 

Again, it was awesome!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Things My Parents & Grandparents Told Me

Funny how some of the things my parents & grandparents told me as I was growing up still stay with me & of course there is all the other stuff I've never thought about again.

Here are a few of those words of remembrance:

You can't hold the puppies/kittens too much or they'll get sick ~~ Mom

Don't stand on your head like that, your liver will turn over ~~ Mama Cooper

If you lose a tooth & you don't stick your tongue in where it came out, a silver tooth will come back in its place ~~ Granny

Don't swallow your gum it will make your insides stick together ~~ Mom

Don't roll your stomach like that you'll get worms ~~ Granny

Don't sit so close to the TV, it'll ruin your eyes ~~ Everyone

If you are going to do it, do it right ~~ Mama Cooper (she said this to me when we were making her bed)

Always eat a little breakfast.  It will make your day so much better ~~ Mama Ruth

Always smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to ~~ Mama Ruth

Honey, I love anything that is a V-neck, 3 quarter length and multi-colored ~~ Mama Ruth

When you buy something pleated, make sure the pleats turn in, not out ~~ Mama Ruth

When you put on a shoe you can always tell a designer shoe from a cheap shoe ~~ Mama Ruth

"Why are you dragging your feet?" "Because I am lazy?" "No, because you're fat." ~~ Dad

If that frog pees on you, you'll get a wart ~~ Mom, Nannie, Granny

I swannie ~~ Nannie

In the reckly ~~ Nannie (her response to someone asking what time someone would be coming to pick them up)

Woooooo! ~~ Nannie (her response to you calling her name if she wasn't in the same room with you)

Another thing I think about is their names.  I remember when I asked Mama Cooper what her name was & I just couldn't believe what she told me: Lucy.  Her name was Lucy!  Lucy was the name she gave every doll of mine.

I've mentioned before that I was beyond blessed to have so many parental units in my life:

My Parents ~~ Estil Jr. & Marsha
My Parents today ~~ Estil Jr. & Louise, Marsha & Bob

Grandparents ~~
Roy & Dorothy
Estil & Ruth

Great Grandparents ~~
Jack & Helen
Oliver & Lucy
George & Wilma

Great Great Grandparents ~~

So I took a stroll down memory lane on a Friday afternoon while at work...I could be doing so much worse!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The World Is Being Ran By Lizard People

Do you believe this?  4 percent of Americans do.  Shape shifting lizard people are controlling the government? Uncanny that it is a shape shifting reptile theory when most politicians are thought to be snakes anyway, right?

Are you concerned about the North Korea missile crisis?  Is it a crisis?  I mean, what can I do to prepare?  I can't build an underground nuclear fallout bunker in a few days.  Hell, even if I could I doubt I have the financing to do so.  Really, what can I do about it?  Reading about it makes me worry & worrying has never solved any of my problems.

A whopping 13% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is the anti-christ.  The anti-christ is supposed to be a healer of nations, handsome, well-spoken.  I do know from my own eyes & ears that President Obama isn't two of these.  Some believe that Tom Cruise is the anti-christ.  I'll buy that but I will still watch his movies, new & old.

What about diseases?  Do you believe that government manufacturers diseases?  We do have biological warfare, right, or is it bio-terrorism?  Small pox is a form of  _____________ ?  Anthrax is _____________?

See what happens when my sleep pattern is disturbed?  Or in other words, see what happens due to my lack of sleep?  I am basically destroying the world!

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