Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock, Rock, Rolly, Rolly

A rock n roll explosion will be happening along the gulf coast tonight. Journey, Heart & Cheap trick will be appearing. While any type of music venue in an outdoor amphitheater near the beach and featuring tons of cold beer would be over the top - I have to say the concert that will be taking place tonight isn't exciting to me. Maybe its because I will not be sweating with the masses in my leather pants? Or maybe its because Steve Perry is no longer the lead singer of Journey? Probably the latter. Arnel Pineda is now the man of the hour. Journey is no longer Journey - its more of a short trip. In the history of rock n roll what original frontman being replaced by another has continued to make the band a success? Two words come to mind - Sammy Hagar. Though some would totally disagree, Sammy Hagar filled the very purple leather boots that David Lee Roth once wore and he filled them nicely. Then when Gary Cherone stepped in as Sammy's replacement, the act was a dud (no offense Gary). Now Mr. Black Belt (DLR) himself is back in the saddle. I'd love to see Van Halen back on top. Or how about when Vince Neil left Motley Crue and John Corabi stepped in? Total flop (total offense to you John). Of course our golden boy, Vince has since returned to MC and making an outstanding comeback. I guess history does repeat itself. Rock n Roll Forever!

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