Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear Me

A letter to 15 year old me from my 32 year old self.

Dear Me,
The year is 2008 and it has been a busy year. Presidential elections are up in November. Gas prices are at an all time high and the economy is poor. However, none of that is really important to you. I wanted to get in touch with you and give you some of the ole’ “if I knew then what I know advice”. I’ll start with family is important. Enjoy the meals at the dinner table with our parents. Take that trip to Mobile with Papa by yourself. Visit our grandparents when they are sick. Keep in touch with our cousins after you think you’ve outgrown each other. Take our time when it comes to the boys. Heartache is right around the corner and comes sooner than you think. We’ll love and lose and finally we will love and win but its not Nikki Sixx waiting for us in the winner’s circle. All that time we spend alone now, we’ll enjoy later, too. Don’t mess around our junior year in high school. Mom is not going to let us go back to our old school no matter how badly we try to fail in the new one. Try all of the new hair styles and start flossing now. The world will come at us hard sometimes but just get up, dust ourself off and get back in the game. Remember anything worth having is worth fighting and working for. We are going to experience some amazing things and get somethings we surely didn't deserve. You are a good person and know that everything you endure now will make you stronger later. Keep reaching and keep rising.

In our best interest,


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