Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Ideas, Thoughts & Other Misfortunes

I was standing on the back deck a few early mornings ago. Our backyard is shaded by this enormous live oak. Through the live oak limbs & leaves I could see an airplane flying over. Probably a FedEx plane delivering to Brookley field since it was so early in the morning and flying so low. The sight of the plane made me feel lonely and small. I have no idea what that was about.

On the way into work this morning I saw a man litter in the Bankhead tunnel. He was older and in a nice vehicle. I was so iritated that I wanted to cry. Who throws trash on the ground these days? I thought littering like big hair was so over in the 80's?

The home we lived in before our current home just happens to be right across the street from where we are now. Convenient or what? Anyway, a car pulled in front of the old house yesterday. All I could think was please don't be our new neighbors - and I was purely judging them by their car.

Gracie, my bassett hound, had surgery almost two weeks ago. It was a routine operation and during the operation the vet found 4 mammary tumors that were malignant and already "involved". I was and am heartbroken. All I can think of now is that I have a child with cancer and its growing in her everyday and there is nothing I can do.

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