Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tiny Little Morsels

A few little morsels of life that when one hasn't exactly been in your shoes likes to give out:

Build a bridge and get over it - Are you talking about getting over shark infested waters or an erupting volcano? Unless you know exactly the multitude of pain, despair or lack of bravery one is facing, please keep these words to yourself.

Save some for a rainy day - What are you suggesting one save? Money, pot, fancy underwear or the good china? Who would use good china on a rainy day?

There are other fish in the sea - Maybe this was the world record weight species holder. Maybe it was the big one. Just maybe I didn't want to throw it back. Unless you are on a fishing charter with me and I pull in an under weight mackerel - the comment is useless.

I do - You do what? You just DO'd in your pants? You DO plan on taking my heart straight from my chest and twisting it until it is unrecognizable? You DO not plan on ever doing your own laundry? What is it that you will or will not DO?

You look tired - Well, lets see I was up all night knitting mittens and toboggans for the less fortunate and before that I gave every dog in our neighborhood a free bath. Please, telling someone they look tired is just a kind way of saying "please put a bag over your head, you look like death warmed over".

Wow, I feel so much better.

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