Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Can't Stop This Train

"Luck is for losers & winners don't complain"....

If you are single, why are you? Are you better or worse because of it?

If you are part of a duo, what makes it work?

I am in a relationship. I can accurately say that it is not a great relationship. History repeats for me as in I tend to believe the best is yet to be with the person I am with. Pretty sure the problem is it always has been. I expect too much & receive to little. Therefore, I am the faulty switch.

Any advice? (If any of you tell me to pack it up, then I expect you to be part of
the packing savior wagon). Speak carefully !!!!!


Miss Stormy Marples said...

I am finding comfort in being "single". One has to except sometimes that they will be alone. That does not mean that u don't date and whatnot it means u live alone in ur home but yet it's peaceful and a refuge. It seems women always yearn for companionship. I recently as of May 3rd to be exact "finally got over someone I wanted to meet". I finally was able to "let go" for real this time. No more wasting time thinking about this man. It was a waste of energy and time. Bottomline, is do what makes u joyful. I can't tell u to leave someone. But I do want u to have joy and calm in ur life.

Miss Stormy Marples said...

Oops "except" should have been "accept"

Kimberly said...

Miss Marp - Calm? WTF is calm?

Miss Stormy Marples said...


Calm is what I strive to be.

Sometimes, I do not always remain calm but still I strive for calmness, peacefulness and joy.

Other people don't make us joyful.

Men--relationships. I've felt as u have. Want but receive very little. Maybe most women feel this way. I don't know.

U don't want me to wish for u calm and joy? What do u want?

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Re post to fix some typos.

Seriously,it's not you. I know I tease you but in reality I recognize that you are a very special person indeed with a lot to offer[ I go back to being *mean* after this comment btw]... you are very pretty,beautiful even[even with your scabby breasts lol] vibrant, intelligent, kind, warm, fun and your love of animals speaks volumes.

If this guy is not giving you what you need/want /crave,seriously, move on. You help him raise his kids, you contribute a lot to enrich ALL their lives and if he is not doing that for you, with what youth you have left[sorry,but just being practical] you need to find someone who will make you feel loved/respected/valued and offer solace/ friendship/ loyalty etc etc.

I enjoy being single and having my own door but that's me..but even I am aware that to spend my 'golden years' alone would be dreary and depressing, so we, as women who are often devalued after 50, have got to consider our datability as we age.

At this age[that you purport to be haha] you are still young enough to find a soulmate/life partner etc. A decade from now your options may dwindle to having him or no one. That's a reality. The dating world is not easy for 50 yr old women.

Sometimes relationships run their course or we suddenly realize we stayed too long,unfulfilled,out of fear of the unknown,of being alone. HUGE MISTAKE especially in your 30s when you still have so many options .

if you choose to leave a long term relationship, don't sign anything or make any verbal agreements or even discuss your desire to end things without first speaking to a lawyer.


Please note I am not yet 50,myself.

And everybody wants me!

I am just choosy.


The Blue Grumpster said...

All I know is what the wisest man in the entire universe once said (Dr Phil): 'You don't need somebody to feel whole.' Now, I've got no idea what that means, but it sounded deep. What do you think? Do we need someone to feel 'whole'? I can't lower my expectations for I've already hit rock bottom. ;)


Well, have you run off with Heff or Nikki?

Kimberly said...


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