Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Ask Why?

Truth - when you read the words upcycled, recycled, eco-friendly you know a higher price will be involved but why?  Why are these more costly than something NEWLY produced?

Truth - if you have something on your face such as a lipstick smear or something left over from lunch in your teeth, 10 people will look at you & say nothing about it, why?

WHY damnit!


Miss Stormy Marples said...

I think because they don't want to embarrass u. However, I do tell people (friends/family) but I say it in a way that will not embarrass them. People don't like to tell others unpleasant things unless they are "mean" people and then they seem to get joy out of saying unpleasant things. That's just my take on things. I, however, am trying to be kinder even to those I don't particular care for. It is just the right thing to do to be unpleasant. Usually mean people have been hurt or abused in some way. So their defenses are up.

Miss Stormy Marples said...


I meant tos ay "It's just the right thing to do to be pleasant to those whom are not pleasant."

Heff said...

And JUST to back Marples up, sometimes it IS just the right thing to do to be unpleasant, lol !

Tard R. Sauce said...

This blog stinks more than my ass.


Because most people are narcissistic assholes.

Even me.

Especially me.

You've got a head of cauliflower in your teeth btw!

Kimberly said...

Uberbitch - You? An asshole? Nah.

Kimberly said...

re-Tard - You should wash your ass Travis...soap does wonders.

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