Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Private or Commercial?

If you had an ass load of money, were famous or could just do it ---- wouldn't you choose a private jet & aiport for all of your travel needs?  Why do all of the Kardashian Klan fly commerically?  This includes Kanye Kardashian & the other people that married into the insanely, over-inflated egonistas -  
Can't you media whores fly privately so some other person whom we might be interested in take up the inside pages of trashy magazines or the trailers of entertainment news? Didn't anyone in your immediate up bringing teach any of you about modesty?  Ever heard "less is more"? How about "always keep 'em guessing"?

Oh Emm Gee!  What was I thinking?  If you fly privately then there is no airport to walk through.  No camera flicker to accentuate your overly made up faces & uncomfortable, ridiculous choice of clothing to fly from coast coast in. In other words, no one can see you & how utterly important you are.  Of course I realize I am trying to rationalize with a rookie porn star...

Again, what was I thinking?



When I first returned to Canada and heard that name Kardashian everywhere I had no clue who they were. I still don't get how/when/why they got famous. They are not good looking or particularly bright...they seem to be chavs...I just don't get it.

Worse, people must be interested in them for them to be famous, but WHY? Christ, watching the antics of my crochety cat is more entertaining.

Heff said...

I was JUST about to educate you until I read that last paragraph.

It's ALL ABOUT ATTENTION with those boneheads, and these days, Kim Kardashian can't even FART without it making front page news.


Kimberly said...

Uberbitch - are you trying to kid all of us & tell us you don't have one iota of a crush on the K-Klan? Bollocks!

Hefferson Von Hefferson - she has a big hiney..and you know what they say about people with big hineys - they have some big shit.

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