Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apples & Bat Shit

I have succumbed to the gadgetry age of anew....(drum roll)....I am now the proud user of an I Phone 4S. Am I in love with it? Guilty! Until recently my thought process was this "I have a work phone & if I didn't have that one, I wouldn't have one at all". I am ever so slightly eating those words at that moment. This would be the apples part.

And this would be the bat shit part as in bat shit crazy:

~~After praying asking god to help be accept this one thing I can't change after all the disagreements smashing down more beating it down finally last night. When faced once again with this issue I finally said I'm over it the amount of weight I felt come off of me was unreal thank you god for your help I was shocked what a hold this issue really had on Me~~

Yes folks those are the real words taken from my man friend's ex-wife's social media page - grammatical errors & all. She offered no insight as to what was going on only the initial cry for attention. Funny how she capitalized Me & not God...


BlazngScarlet said...

Bat shit crazy is right.

I have not yet succumbed to Apples seductive yet evil iphone.
Noticed I said "yet"?!

Kathy W said...

does her house have 4 wheels? Does she shop late at night in her pj's at Walmart? Oy vey! What was he thinking?!?!?

And Siri - best beyotch EVER!!

Kimberly said...

Scarlet - it is evil!

Kathy - Omg, yes on the wheels & she allowed her kids to shop in the their jams on Black Friday! I am not sure about her but I would say she probably didn't shower...!

About Siri - I asked if she loved me & she said she was uncapable of love....

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