Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And These Are the Days Our Lives....

**Warning - Long Post**

My blog = my thoughts & words, right? Good. I want to go into a rage about ex-wives. Not just ex-wives in general but the under/over medicated lying sort. In all of my dating years I have never been involved with anyone who had an ex-wife or kids. It was against my dating policy, but somehow an addendum was made to my existing very strict policy.

In the beginning the signs were there. Text messages sent to her new boyfriend/husband that were also sent to her ex-husband ie. my man friend. Actual excerpts from the ex-wife's "misdirected" texts:

"No, I don't need a car for Christmas, just floor mats"

"I have something at home that needs your attention :)"

"Grilled chicken, vegetables for dinner"

"Why don't you bend me over the bar stool pull my panties to the side and shove your hard cock into my wet, wet pussy LOL"

Clear attempts to make someone jealous, right? Let's not stop there...

The following are actual incidents or conversations the ex-wife has shared with my man friend since finding her one true love:

Before their divorce was final she told my man friend that her soon to be husband wanted to get married within 2 weeks.

Either before her marriage or right after she shared this info with my man friend -"We are in a partnership and we are equals".

Her new husband was going to get her new boobs for Christmas. (she never got them)

She was on the accelerated nursing program and she was also accepted into 2 different nursing schools (she has since dropped out).

Speaks loudly about how much money they have, noting money is never an issue. Once it was $60k in the bank, then it was $7k in the bank (but they had to finance a TV).

She was so lonely she had to get a dog & that her new husband thinks she and my man friend were seeing each other and because of this every text that she sends, the new hubby also gets a copy of it on his phone.

She allows the youngest child - 5 yrs. old - to sleep in the bed with her & new hubby stating that she allows this because she can't keep her new husband off of her & he wants more kids. (the kid is a deterrent even though the guy wants more)

Her new husband wants her to quit her job. (prior to this job she was attempting nursing school and wasn't working & with all of their wealth why does she have to work?)

The smallest child was in private school last year & the ex-wife stated that she paid her portion of the tuition 3 months in advance in cash. (We paid our portion via check on the due date every month which was the 10th. Monthly statements were issued every month & clearly noted on each statement were late fees where her portion of the tuition was paid after the 10th of each month in cash.)

The youngest boy supposedly broke his finger but was taken to a local drug store where a splint was purchased & the kid was instructed by the mother to tell everyone they went to the ER (finger wasn't broken).

She had a mini stroke & fell & hit her head at work (this job was prior to nursing school & not only was it a mini stroke and she was admitted through the ER but not transported by ambulance & she was released in like 2 hours! Did any of you get that? A mini stroke, no ambulance, no hospital stay & an ER release within 2 hours. Impossible.).

Again, this is just a smidgen of the idiocy I have to deal with....I once heard that exes are like a bad restaurant. You finish your meal, pay the bill & never come back.


JLee said...

Oh my God...He needs to put the hammer down on this bs.

Red Shoes said...

Sounds like a train wreck a-coming!!!


Kimberly said...

JLee - A hammer is needed alright but not for the BS. The hammer is needed right between her eyes! Is that wrong?

Shoes - funny you say that...because I do call her Crazy Train.

Heff said...

Eat my Heart Out !

I'm tasty !

Even my butt tastes good fried !


My species commits GENOCIDE for you people, and Kimmrly won't even eat our hearts ?? How SELFISH of you ! !

The more of me you see, the more you want to eat me !!!


- Chicken Little.


Kimmerly my dear ho, you're looking at this all wrong. You have to wonder about his street cred that he even married this twittering imbecile much less procreated with her. Now is that the kind of 'man friend' you want fucking up your life with his halfwits et el?

I think not.

You're hot. You're young[ish] you should be leading Doris' life there.

Go on Doris. Tell her of 'the life'! :)


or you could get a fucking vicious cat to keep you company!


I'll eat your heart, Heff.

Pass the pepper!

KrippledWarrior said...


Just telling it like it is said...

Kimberly I hate to tell ya but I think there is something going on if they say somethoing about penis and baginna...I'm just saying ...that made me laugh by the way...sorry

The Brown Recluse said...

I'm a good ex-wife. I am not even sure where the dufus is. I don't believe I could deal with your situation, though. At least not deal well...

BlazngScarlet said...

Run away.

Asael said...

Radosnej twórczości i takiegoż życia!


Oh, good point Asael!

I concur.

But I would.

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