Thursday, March 22, 2012

Complete the Story

Once upon a time there was a young boy who appeared to be nice and genuine. Other kids on the block soon took notice and included him in their fun and games. Then one day the young boy wanted to play harder and longer and no one else wanted too. In return the young boy became ............



A gun wielding,homicidal maniac with ugly horn-rimmed glasses and plaid, polyester floods who mowed all his 'friends' down in the street and was never invited to anyone's birthday party ever again.

But he was a good boy really, poor Archibald was just misunderstood and his love of hopscotch totally, fucking unappreciated ER-fucking-GO was it really HIS fault? I.DON'T.THINK.SO!!!!!

Heff said...

the spokesman for ENZYTE(tm) - "Harder, LONGER Erections, Guaranted !"

Lil' Nigglet said...

a profeshnal cotton picker, and was segregated from alls tha othah kizz.

KrippledWarrior said...

a winner with a drive that motivated everyone around him. He became a military man who lead his men to great victories and was elected President of the US and on November 22, 1963 he was shot to death in Dallas, Texas... and Uber is preoccupied with misogynistic delusions.

JLee said...

lol I was gonna say "serial killer" but that is so lame compared to the other comments ;)

The Dental Maven said...

Hey Girl...I'll give you a shout lata! Looking forward to the "reunion!!!!" Woot woot!!!

Kimberly said...

If you "woot woot" while we are sipping cocktails...I will have to pretend I don't know you.

SkitzoLeezra said...

. . a woman.
An ugly woman with an Adam's apple, but a woman, all the same.

Rathod Roshni said...

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