Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do We Have Something In Common?

Before going to work this morning I stopped at convenience store near the office to grab a bottle of water. When I pulled into the parking I saw an extremely tall, a circus's strongest man in the world type (shaved head, large build, leopard leotard) walking into the store. I guess he saw me and in seeing me saw that I was a chick and decided to stand at the door and hold it open for me. Nice, right? I saunter into the store toward the back to get my drink. I walk back to the front to pay & leave.

The tall man was standing in line and I fell in behind him. He turned to me and made a lip pursing gesture. Ok, he liked my lipstick? I looked away because it was so uncomfortable. Then he turned the other way and looked at me and licked his lips. Ok, now he has something on his mouth? All the while contorting his mouth he is having a conversation with the clerk about a job he had to do in Buckatunna, Mississippi this morning.

He pays and lingers. I pay and head for the door. He holds the door for me once again & begins to have a conversation with me. It began like this "you are hot". Did you get that lovely readers? I was hot. Before I could even say anything in rebuttal he solicits "do you want to get together?". I responded with a no, he wants to know why, I said I have a boyfriend, he says we have something in common and I say "you have a boyfriend too?". He says I have a wife and I said well that is a good reason not to. He then says "aww come on, live a little, let me get your number". I said thanks for the offer but no thanks, have a good day. He winked and I got into my car.

I assumed my boobs were all that boobs were intended to be this morning & my hair was exceptionally smooth but at the convenience store? Yep, that just happened.


Red Shoes said...

Buckatunna, MS?!?!?! Hell... that's gotta be close around here!!

It's amazing what some men think will work... of course, I'm very shy and know know very little about picp-up lines, what works, and what doesn't work.

I also have a great fear of rejection... so I probably would have just stolen some glances and your boobs... ;o)


Red Shoes said...

Poot... 'pick-up lines... not 'picp-up' lines...

Anonymous said...


The Bug said...

LOL - that's funny. Any disturbing. It's been many years since anyone was tempted to try to pick me up. And I think that I'm glad about it :)

Kimberly said...

Shoes - Bucktunna is between Stateline & Waynesboro (ie. nowhere).

Travis - *shoves fist in your mouth*

Bug - at least he spoke normally & had teeth.

Heff said...

A for effort, but the story could have used more heat, and dare I say "penetration".

Bathwater said...

If you don't ask you don't receive.

Rathod Roshni said...

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