Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life is Tough...

It is Michelob Ultra not Michelob Ultra Light.

The use of the word muse in any blog title irritates me. I have no specific reason why but it does.

Am I the only one who thinks wearing shorts, flip flops and tank tops to church is inapropriate and rude? Am I the only one who thinks bringing a soda into church to drink during a service is rude? I understand that attending church is far more casual than in the days of yore. I suppose it is true that God doesn't care what you look like as long as you show up - but shouldn't you take a little more pride in yourself?

Why is enough never enough?

When will people catch a clue and realize that their screaming kids aren't cute or even tolerable?

Why do we bitch and cry about our jobs and relationships and never immediately do anything about them?

"Life is tough, but its tougher when you're stupid". ~~ John Wayne


KittyCat said...

I definately agree with the church thing.
And seriously agree with screaming kids.
Annoying the heck out of me.

Anonymous said...

God what a bitch!

Lil' Nigglet said...

I use my Muse to plow my watermelon patch.

Muse r good animahs.

Damn, I just feels all warm & Kozy on dis blog.

Can'ts expain it.

Heff said...

I smoked a Michelob Ultra Light once, but it was a BITCH TO FIRE UP. I had to puff on that son of a bitch for 30 minutes !

KrippledWarrior said...

Let me know if you find the answer to any of these.

chrissie mack said...

if i can't use muse in a blog title - how am i ever going to review knights of cydonia live?


All I *heard* was nag,nag, NAG!


Red Shoes said...

All I know is that I ate dinner somewhere the other evening... and someone's kids were ATROCIOUS!!!!

I totally understand the position of the restaurant that's been in the news that wants to ban kids...

The parents just let them roam...



Miss Sassy Pants said...

Screaming kids are the figgin' WORST. In the US it's actually a lot better than in some other countries.

When I lived in Chile the kids would do everything short of lighting the house on fire before they are told to behave.

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