Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tears in my Beer #2

Some time ago I kicked at the air about this.

Here is a follow up to it:

Two weeks ago myself, my mother, my granddaddy & grandmother were eating lunch. A good friend of mine appears and says "Are y'all having a family party without me?". I said "where did you come from?". Friend says "I've been here the entire time. I saw you when you came in." I said "well, I didn't even see you." My grandmother says "It was probably because you were too busy feeding your face". Lucky for me my friend deflected the negativity before the Goodyear blimp comments started and says to my grandmother "that is what I came here for & I enjoyed every bite."


Before these two instances another "set" of grandparents once told me "You should wear more make-up. We just want you to be pretty and thin".


Some people might wonder what triggered their poor eating habits and poor body image issues - I've never had to wonder.


Anonymous said...

Kim, just do what I do, have constant sex.

f1trey said...

listen to works for i the self service isle.....scratch that.....

Im sorry darlin....
YOu dont sound to me like the type to suck it up when things like that happen..... have you considered saying "im related to a bunch of no tact morons" fight fire with fire......

NurseExec said...

I know just how this feels. When I was obese, my mother never let up with the snide comments. The happiest day of her life was the first time she saw me after I'd lost 120 lbs, I swear. Guess what though? She still manages to chide me on not exercising. It's always something, yanno?

The Savage said...

Can I still lust you anyways?

Kimberly said...

Lestat - is that an invitation?

Trey - while my familia likes to dig in on me - I just keep my mouth shut like any self repecting Southerner should.

Nurse - I've always been the target of snide comments - pleasantly plump or rail thin.

Savage - feel free to lust all you want.

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