Monday, September 7, 2009

Man Candy Monday

Typically, I am not into the flaunting of ripped tummies or arms, mine or anyone else's but you see the picture is about the dimples....not all the other stuff. Dimples make the world go round.


f1trey said...

the boy is gay...even though there snothing wrong with that.....

Anonymous said...

He is gay, and there IS something wrong with that.

Annmarie Ortega said...

You know if you think he is cute... I have a friend (As in a real friend, honestly...) who is a model and actor you might like. You might want to put him on one of your Monday posts. I need to go back and look for your email address... LOL

Kimberly said...

Trey & Lestat - Jealous...oh jealous.

f1trey said...

no its its there.....i thought being dirty was what made kids?????hehehehe

Anonymous said...

well, he may be better looking that Suckie Dixx, or he may be Dixx's gay lover. HAHHAHA

Heff said...

Mmmm...If I ever got ahold of HIS little golden ass, I'd .....OH, WHAT THE SHIT ?!?!

Blah, Phooey, (spit), Blah !!!

Damnit, I though I told myself NOT to view this blog right after the Monday post !

Kimberly said...

Lestat - lay off my man.

Heff - omg...did we just see a little of the real you? We're all here if you need to talk. *pats hand*

Just telling it like it is said...

I didn't notice his dimples do to his rock hard abs of steel...mmmm

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