Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tears in My Beer

Today I had lunch with my family at my grandparent's home. After lunch, the men hang out in front of the TV and take naps and the ladies take to the front porch to rock and swing. In the middle of our rocking and swinging my grandmother looks at me and says "I just realized who you remind me of, Aunt Jessie". "She had black hair and was short, squatty and fat". I have not much of an idea who Aunt Jessie was, all I could say was "I hope she was pretty". Her response, "she wasn't a bad looking woman". Uh, ok. Then sometime later she says "you have an Italian nose". Uhhh, ok. I am an overly sensitive person. Have been all my life. It was all I could do not to roll away crying. No my grandmother wasn't over or under medicated and she is not going senile. I can only surmise that when you reach a certain age you can say whatever to whoever you want. Also in my summation, I realize when my feelings get hurt it doesn't make me want to rise above the comment and find the better me. Instead I want to retreat into a place that is dark and alone. I've always said I like my own company better than anyone else's and this might be the reason why. I don't need constant reminders of my shortcomings ie. too fat, too selfish, take too many naps, have too many freckles, my non-Italian heritage, liking of expensive things and that I will eat ketchup on the finest steak in town. I'm a realist, none of us are perfect but isn't that for our own judging if we should be judged at all?

I think I'll I go sit in my closet and have a cocktail now.


The Bug said...

I had an uncle once who started calling me Goodyear (as in the blimp) & then was amazed when I told him years later how much it hurt. Relatives can sometimes be so clueless!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I had an uncle like The Bug's too. Now my father has taken to making this sort of comment as well. I think their filter just wears out after awhile. Chin up, have your cocktail, and secretly tell them to screw themselves while you smile sweetly. What else can you do?

Oh and realize they have no effing idea what they talking about!

Kathy said...

Grandmothers need filters. I know that I'm not fat - I'm big boned. :)
Does she wear a diaper, by any chance?

f1trey said... have a license to be stoopid dont they? can we get that revoked?? LOL

edder said...

Jeebuz...that woman needs a muzzle and you need a cocktail or four. STAT!

Bina said...

yea, older people say what they want when they want and the don't give a crap WHO they hurt! Some call it honesty, I call it just plain mean.

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