Sunday, January 25, 2009

Writer's Blawg

Stardate - 01/25/2009

Some days I wonder how I made it out of bed on other days. Is that wrong? Is it right? Probably a little of both. Wrong as in I shouldn't live in the past. Right as in it keeps me thinking. So basically it's just thinking about the past. Most people tend to get ahead or not make as many mistakes by thinking. Turns out to be just the opposite for me. No thinking allowed here. Let me jump right in and I'll deal with the consequences later. Never works out if you are wondering. Either the cut doesn't work for my face shape, 12 is a really high number when you are doing shots of peppermint schnapps or that sweet little boy wasn't really all that sweet. I can't say that its been all bad but I tend to relive the bad moments more so than the good. I'd like to throw frozen packs of sausage at positive people just to see how they can turn it into a life affirming situation but then I'd just feel like an idiot. I'd like to pray for a break but I don't think you are supposed to pray for things such as that. I remember praying for my first pair of Tretorns. I just knew if I got them I'd rule the world. Well, the Tretorns finally showed up but there was no world ruling going on because then I prayed for skinniness. Always wanting more and never satisfied with what I had. Turns out to be my life story...

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