Sunday, January 25, 2009


Someone once told me about primal scream therapy. I decided to give it a shot. I walked into my closet and shut the door. I grabbed my hanging clothes and screamed into them thinking my shrieking might be muffled just a bit from the nearby neighbors. I felt no relief. Method says the louder the better. I gave it one final try. Nope, no immediate relief here. Now I have a sore throat and all 4 of my dogs are puttering around with earplugs. I pondered all the different types of therapy. Electro-shock therapy, probably not going to work out for me. Hypnosis, too skeptical. Frontal lobotomy, too evasive. Group therapy, umm, no. After my small amount of research, I'm thinking good old fashioned alcohol will be the ticket. I understand that a night with the bottle is just that, a night, unless you indulge too much and it still follows you around the next day. I realize my problems will still be around after my one night stand but can you really put a price on kicking at air or mentally kicking the ass of whatever is troubling you all over town? I think not. Cheers.

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