Saturday, December 6, 2008

Misery Loves Company

I've noticed I only blog when something isn't right. Only a few posts have positive content. To few in too many if you ask me. Even posts involving the secret love of my life -- Nikki Sixx -- offers negative tokens. I understand the need to celebrate and share milestone events such as job retirement, decade passing or arriving of birthdays, marital anniversaries but what about the small things? A small thing might be sucessfully making it one full week with no alcohol use, not checking your email in-box 52 times a day or breaking the nasty habit of biting your nails. Those little happenings are rarely celebrated. I am not saying that we celebrate the negative either. What I'm saying is we tend to open the flood gates when something isn't going our way and we like for the world to know it. Irritating co-workers, dogs who chew everything in their path, gas prices, heartache or a bad haircut. We'll talk about it and talk about it to any one who will turn an open ear. There is just something about beating a dead horse.

So, does it go without saying that we only shout from the roof tops when our lives are on the verge of something awful?

Depressing, yes? Reality, absolutely.


zonalpony said...

i believe we also shout from the roof tops when our lives are on the verge of something amazing, when everything is going so well not even you can believe it. don't we sometimes feel like we want to climb the highest peak and scream it out and let everyone know how truly wonderful we're feeling? that too is a reality, and not a very depressing one =)

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