Monday, December 1, 2008

Easy Schmeasy

I’ve touched briefly in recent words how the easy things in life don’t come easy. Whether it is leaving a toxic relationship, beginning a new one or trying to find the PSI for your tires. Just when you think you couldn't ever want more you do. You get a little bit more and the need for something bigger and better is almost insatiable. The more we have the more we feel like we lack. Why is this? Why does contentment have to feel like a four letter word? And better yet, does satisfaction exist at all?

This isn’t necessarily regarding the luck of having Target or Wal-Mart within a 2 mile radius of your home. It is more about not wanting what we have emotionally, spiritually, mentally and vice versa. Everything, relationship oriented, tends to be a struggle in its entirety. We have disappointed parents because their expectations, ever how small or large, were not met, disgruntled employees because promotions or bonuses were not given and lovelorn couples expecting the unobtainable from their mate. It is no secret we have to fight, scratch and claw to get just to catch a glimmer of happiness or fulfillment in our lives. Reaching and rising might just equal stretching and falling. I wonder if the need for understanding, perfect companionship and light hearts is the same for drug abusers? We try it, we like it and the need for the like increases until enough is never enough but sometimes too much?

Everything carries a price. I wonder what the final cost of true happiness could be?

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