Monday, July 28, 2008


As I ate a pimento and cheese sandwich I wondered what is in pimento and cheese. The ingredients are listed on the container but I chose to make my own guesses - cheddar cheese, pimento and mayonnaise. I never checked my list vs. actual contents. As I pondered the ingredients in everything we ingest I thought about what is in all of us. And this is what I came up with - After God decides whom to bless with a child he begins with a single bean. The bean represents the core of our person. Pinto beans for a Hispanic child, lima beans for the country folk, chick peas for "free spirits", jumping beans for athletes and fava beans for the not so nice. When the perfect bean is chosen the extras are added. Maybe a little cayenne for a temper, some lavender for nurse or teacher tendencies, mesquite flavor for a cowboy, granola for a little craziness, soy sauce for the future lover of Chinese buffets, poppy seeds for a potential drug addict, thyme for a person who is chronically late, squid ink for a tattoo artist, eye of newt for a touch of goth and so on. I believe God's spice rack far exceeds what the everyday chef has access too. Recipe is not quite complete so the bean and extras begin to bake. Oven time is usually 9 months give or take a few days at 98.7 degrees fahrenheit or 37 degrees celsius. Dish is removed and placed under a heating light for extra measure. We might be a little bland at first but no salt, pepper or frosting is added, those come later in life. I guess the question is now - "What are you made of?"

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