Monday, July 14, 2008


I will need you to clear your minds. Only a clear mind can absorb what I am about to try and say. I had a dream last night that involved a hyena, a hawk & Jackie Aprille, Sr. (character from the Sopranos). The hawk was trying to attack the hyena. I scooped up the hyena so the hawk would not kill it. The hawk was speaking to me, saying put it down before I scratch your back and it did. The hawk came down upon me and dug both claws into the middle of my back. Flash forward, I walk into this room and the doorway is covered by sheer light purple and yellow curtains. On a bed is the Jackie Aprille. I asked him about the show (Sopranos) and he said "how do you think I feel, going out like that so early in the season?" My dream interpretation book says this about wild beasts "Wild animals evoke for Freud people in an excited sensual state. They may also represent our animal instincts and repressed emotions that we may keep caged in the unconscious. Wild beasts may also symbolize our deepest fears, especially about death" and this about hawks "circling in the sky are a frequent dream-symbol of anticipated death. They may be awaiting with glee the outcome - perhaps the conclusion of some enterprise from which they expect to benefit." I could find no interpretation of Jackie Sr. in my dreambook or on the web and finally about yellow "pale yellow smacks of sickness, decay, declining powers & old age". This dream was all over the place - I can't even begin to decipher it on my own. Anyone want to give it a shot?

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