Friday, July 11, 2008


and all that implies.

Here are a few quotes regarding one of my most favorite words, Friday:

If you must have motivation, then think of your paycheck on Friday. I only have one quote involving Friday. It was simple and it made a statement. I heard on the news last night that a possibilty in helping with the fuel cost crisis some companies were pondering the idea of a four day work week. My immediate thought was tell me where to sign up! I work 5 days a week now. Usually work through lunch so I'd only have to endure the addition of one more hour per day to make a full forty hour week. I can do this! It could possibly be the easiest transition ever in the history of mankind. I wonder if Thursday & Friday would swap order in the week? TGIT! Doesn't have the same "umph" as TGIF but I think it could work.

Soon to be official - my new favorite word will be Thursday!

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