Friday, July 25, 2008

Sixx'er Forever

I am officially a freak and have went off the reservation. Its no secret of my infatuation with a certain bassist from a very notorious over-the-top rock band. So in recent days I have made a special purchase. The purchase was the Heroine Diaries -by Nikki Sixx. Hardly summer reading, I was thankful the clerk at the bookstore didn't look at me like a disease when I inquired of the book. The book is a collection of journal entries he kept while he was all smacked out on drugs for a year and a half, hence the title the Heroine Diaries. This book is 400 pages and I have never in my life blown through a book so quickly. The book is dark and raunchy and it doesn't make me swoon any less for Mr. Sixx. I am so involved at this very moment that I have dreamed of Nikki Sixx for the past four nights. The dreams are not hot or sexy - they are just dreams. And, if it isn't bad enough that he is "taken" at the moment, his current girlfriend appeared in our dream last night and I was helping her shop for handbags. Two of my greatest loves tarnished at one time. Into my descent of psycho-star stalker status, I have been looking at his website (every day, twice a day) searching for new pictures posted by him of him. I have also been watching the Carnival of Sins concert, SOLA and Life is Beautiful videos over and over. For an extra helping of fan frenzy I bought The Dirt, the story of Motley Crue. I can only surmise this is not a healthy hobby. Fun and good nutrition for my stalker status, maybe. Until Nikki comes knocking, I'll just keep dreaming, listening & reading. Knowledge is power, right?

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