Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Victim of the 80's

A dear friend emailed me a portion of another's blog. In the blog was this trigger: Tell me one random memory that you've found popping into your head lately. You don't have to know why you're remembering it, just share it.

Here's mine:

80's music. 80's clothing. 80's hair. For years I have avoided being defined as a victim of the 80's. The music was so cheesey but when I see a commercial for a 100 CD set of the songs of the 80's I am mesmerized. Don't You Forget About Me, Jump, Here I Go Again, Faithfully - any of those ring a bell? Neon headbands, jellies, fish net off the shoulder shirts, pumps & frilly socks? Tease it to Jesus hair or the mullet! The moonwalk - need I say more? And my new favorite local band is the Molly Ringwald's. They are just as cheesey as the real bands they pretend to be. I can't help it - I have an addiction and admitting is the first step. Hello, my name is Kim and I love the 80's!

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