Friday, April 11, 2008

Survivor of the 90's

As some of you know or have recently read I am a fan of the 80's. Here is a shocker, I am also fond of the 90's. The 90's didn't nearly impact my love for bad music, bad hair & movies like the 80's did but it does hold a spot dear to my heart. One day I am wearing hot pink and purple and the next day I am sporting plaid. Extremely large hair kept in place by one can of Suave hair spray per day then a sassy little red number fashioned after Bridget Fonda's "do" in Single White Female. Talk about your apples and oranges. The 90's hold many good memories for me. I got my first real kiss in 1990 (yes, I was older than the avg. first real kiss age - but I also didn't get boobs until the 90's either). I got my first boyfriend, graduated high school and college, moved away from home, experienced my first alcohol buzz, got my first Liz Claiborne purse with matching wallet which rocketed into my unknown love at that moment for handbags. There were also some sad moments as well - my parents divorced, 3 of my 11 grandparents died, I found out Uncle Sam wasn't a fun loving family member and "big hair" bands slowly faded away. Those two decades and an entire century behind us pushes us well into the "new milli". I can't wait to see what type of hair I end up with in the 00's.

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