Monday, April 7, 2008

Silver Linings

I guess there is one in every cloud. My two previous blogs were about an unhappy co-worker. I guess this co-worker was so upset that they threatened to turn in their notice. This info was given to me through the grapevine of course. So, now my in-office hours have changed & and I have some new responisibilities. The latter is no problem, but the change in office hours - well I am still fuming about that. But like all things - this too shall pass or come out in the wash. The bottom line is I need a job, they need a job and when we wake up in the morning we can make the choice to enjoy the day or let it get the best of us. The unhappy co-worker is happy and content for the moment. There are good mornings, good evenings and mini coversations between the two of us. I even ask open ended questions knowing good and well how they will end - if they ever end (long talker). So my silver lining is no more slammed doors, no more tip-toeing over eggshells. All is well with the world once again.

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