Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Owning the "New Milli"

I've been a victim. A survivor. Now, the time has come to own it and by IT I mean the "New Milli". So far it has brought me heartache, a marriage, a divorce, an empty wallet, 4 new dogs, an old job, new friends, reunions with old friends and a new sense of what I can really endure. By enduring I mean living through the divorce and the seperation of my mother and I across 3 states. Whoever said whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger should be dug up and given five across their face. Sometimes I don't want to be strong. Sometimes I need to be weak, its keep me grounded. Example, if there is a piece of strawberry slathered cheesecake beckoning my name I do not need to exude strength to not it eat. Why I need to eat to it to gain strength. See how that works? You have to be weak to be strong again. The "New Milli" has brought me a new me and found some of the old me. I am sad to say this century has not brought any unique dance moves or any crazy coiffures. There are still two years left in this first decade - maybe something will come along. Today in this year I feel free, happy and in love and I think that puts me well on my way to owning the "New Milli".

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