Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vinnie Balboawitz

He walks with a slight strut. Wears a slightly thick gold rope chain. His belt is cinched too tight making his pants "high waters" and buttons his shirt to the very top of his Adam's apple. His glasses are held together by tape. His hair is black and combed directly back. He speaks with a low and grainy New York accent that reminds me of how asphalt would sound if it could talk. He never makes direct contact and speaks with his head cocked to the side. Hasn't seen a new movie since 1984. Has a wide open smile that says I am going to eat you with my spaghetti one day. Now, he may sound a bit weird but he really does have a heart of gold and probably in truth wouldn't hurt a fly and somehow along the way he has found a friend in me. He reminds me of Vinnie Barbarino and Rocky Balboa sans the girl getting charm with a just a bit of David Berkowitz lurking below his very Italian surface. He has dubbed me the Queen and tells me daily that all I need is a crown and purple robe. He also tells me I remind of him of a magnolia (add his accent) "You little magnolia with eyes that light up the world". My birthday just happens to be Christmas day and with that thought fresh on his mind he told me (insert his accent ) "You Christmas angel, I can just see you in a garland of lights with Christmas trees all around you". Of course I remind him that while magnolias are pleasant to look at they are quite a messy tree and that Christmas only lasts one day. All the while correcting him that I am no angel or any type of tree and that green isn't exactly my color - I can only imagine what he is really thinking about me which would probably be something like "You just wait you little magnolia, I have a crown of diamonds for your head and a nice box to accomodate them both....". Is that wrong?

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