Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dizzy Blogger

I'm a blogger baby so why don't you read me? Read, read, read. (sung to the style of Beck's Loser). Ever had a night when you were dreaming that you were working on something or couldn't get something right? For example taking a test or trying to ace an interview? I had one of those nights last night. I kept dreaming of beer. Lots of beer that I couldn't sort through. Then I had a dream that I was trying to protect eggs in a hen house from a coyote. The coyote looked much like a fox but I knew it was a coyote. My dream interpretation book says this about coyotes & foxes..."For dreamers with spiritual aspirations, these animals can represent both the daring of our ambitions and the self-doubt that disrupts our progress." It says this about eggs..."Eggs are a universal symbol of birth & creation. According to Freud, the male dreamer may associate the image with his mother and a possible desire for incest with her." Okay, no matter how you dress that up, its just wrong. Good thing I'm not a male. So what do my dreams say about me? That I wish I were a male and I have self-doubt about taking the extra step to become a transexual because I may NEVER become my mother?


ansatbnl said...

I'm honored to be your first responder!

Kaazz said...

Maybe your dream means you have ambitions to become pregnant but also doubt your ability about the forever of motherhood! LOL Also, after taking psychology - Frued, was half idiot! LMAO

I like your spot thus far, added to my favorites!

RayChase said...

Yay you have a blog!

Rathod Roshni said...

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