Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2nd Blog, 1st Day

I couldn't wait any longer. Its been 4 hours since my first post. I kept asking myself "What do you really have to say that is so important that it can't wait until tomorrow?" The answer is nothing. I just had lunch in the park. Gorgeous day but no fireworks there I promise. I did however get a gnarly black bean stuck in my teeth. Always smart to check your teeth after a meal otherwise someone may direct you to the trailer park. I wonder why trailer parks and poor dental health are often mentioned in the same sentence? Doesn't seem fair. Port-a-potty's and wet pants legs aren't always mentioned in the same one (You know when its too dark to see & you hover too close or too far away from the target). I was really searching to add some wit & wisdom and am coming up short for both. Until the next post...

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