Thursday, April 4, 2013

The World Is Being Ran By Lizard People

Do you believe this?  4 percent of Americans do.  Shape shifting lizard people are controlling the government? Uncanny that it is a shape shifting reptile theory when most politicians are thought to be snakes anyway, right?

Are you concerned about the North Korea missile crisis?  Is it a crisis?  I mean, what can I do to prepare?  I can't build an underground nuclear fallout bunker in a few days.  Hell, even if I could I doubt I have the financing to do so.  Really, what can I do about it?  Reading about it makes me worry & worrying has never solved any of my problems.

A whopping 13% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is the anti-christ.  The anti-christ is supposed to be a healer of nations, handsome, well-spoken.  I do know from my own eyes & ears that President Obama isn't two of these.  Some believe that Tom Cruise is the anti-christ.  I'll buy that but I will still watch his movies, new & old.

What about diseases?  Do you believe that government manufacturers diseases?  We do have biological warfare, right, or is it bio-terrorism?  Small pox is a form of  _____________ ?  Anthrax is _____________?

See what happens when my sleep pattern is disturbed?  Or in other words, see what happens due to my lack of sleep?  I am basically destroying the world!

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