Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Need An Epipen - Stat!

I had an allergic reaction yesterday evening. Let's access the situation: 

Did I have breathing issues?  No.

Was there an aggressive need to claw my skin to shreds?  No.

Did my tongue swell?  No.

Was I bitten by a bug, spider, a flying something?  Not that I could tell.

Was my skin hot?  Yes.

Did I eat something that might have triggered this?  Maybe, 2 Girl Scout Cookies - Caramel Delights.

I checked my blood pressure - 130/84.

I checked my blood sugar - 81. 

Did the rash affect any other parts of my body? No.

Are those flecks of brown part of the reaction? No.

Did I find my man friend entwined with another woman?  No.

Did I discover my nostrils are uneven?  Hell yes.  Damn it.  If I didn't worry enough about everything else already -- I had to discover my uneven nostrils.  Not a surprise really since I dislike my nose.  Only now, I dislike it even more & I can't believe that is even possible.

Am I back to normal this morning?  Define normal.

See for yourself.  Sorry for the sideways effect:



Heff said...


I think uneven nostrils is the LEAST of your worries right now.

The Bug said...

Wow, (and I can't believe I'm saying this) - I agree with Heff. Ouch!

The Savage said...

Your nostrils look fine to me. As a matter of fact you have pretty nostrils....

Kimberly said...

Heff - it wasn't the nostrils that caused the reaction...those were just a side effect.

Bug - didn't hurt. No one died. It took about 3 hours & it subsided.

Savage - they aren' is just slightly smaller than the other which causes a major distortion in my already pathetic view of myself.


1.[and I don't mean to be a bitch,but someone has to be honest with you] don't flatter yourself, one of your nostrils is NOT 'smaller' than the other but BIGGER!

2. Are you sure that's not a gluten allergy reaction?

Seriously you need to look into that.If that's what's going on on the outside, what's going on in the inside?

3. Why do you have the equipment to take blood pressure and sugar levels? Are you a diabetic or a hypochondriac?

Kimberly said...

Uberbitch - wow, you are batch of bad mojo! I am neither. My man friend's parents have those gadgets & they live pretty close to us, so in the frenzy we went over there. I took my own BP & my man friend's dad took my blood sugar.

My grandparents had a blood pressure cuff as long as I can remember...I learned how to check their blood pressure when I was 9 years old. Old school style with a stethoscope.


LOL @ bad mojo. I like that. I should open a blog named that.

That's pretty good for a nostril obsessed girl like you to learn how to take BP. :)

KrippledWarrior said...

I'm hoping that you are feeling much better by now. And thanks for flashing me

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