Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of a Christmas Birthday - Day, I Forget What Day It Is

I guess even if it were in haste...some people might be glad my parents had unprotected sex nine months prior to my birthday. Right? Hello? Anyone? Glad?


Heff said...

"Start each day like it's your BIRTHDAY" ????


Fuck, I'd be 16,060 years old !!!

BlazngScarlet said...


Kimberly said...

Heff - 16,000 is the new 30. You could pull it off, why with your old father time beard/goatee thing. Yeah, totally would work.

Scarlet - Hell YAY!

Wil said...

I am happy that your parents had sex at least once.

The Bug said...

I was driving along the other day wondering where the hell you were - but by the time I got back to my computer I forgot to come here & yell at you. So I'm glad you posted! AND I'm glad your parents did the deed :)


I am sorry that this sort of thing always falls to me to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE ,but your parents did NOT have unprotected sex.

The condom broke.

But Happy Birthday all the same,lil' squirt.

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