Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Jack

My name is Jack but they call me Toot-Toot. I am a Pomeranian, a handsome lad, not very tall and for the present moment not very hairy. My mother decided I needed a shave down for the summer. So, I have a mane and a tail and the rest in between is skin bare. I weigh roughly eight pounds and when I bark my two front legs leave the ground. My mother says my rear end is as wide as pack of chewing gum. She rescued me four years ago from a police station. When she saw me, I knew she was hooked and I knew this rescue would not be a foster situation so as soon as she put me in the car, I backed the car out of the parking lot and drove her home. I still drive on occasion. Though a mama’s boy, I enjoy a cigar mid-day (my mother hates it when I smoke in the house) with a nice cognac and I am silver-tongued devil when it comes to the ladies.

I have three sisters who are all much larger and not of the same breed as me. They know I am the favorite child and often they try to get me into trouble. Liz or Lori will destroy window blinds trying to look out the windows and they try to blame it on me! First, I am about 14 inches tall and the windows have to be at least 3 feet from the floor. Second, I don’t do windows.

It is no secret I live a life of leisure and am possibly the most lucky dog in the world. Even when I snore, my mom says it sounds peaceful. Dad gets jealous sometimes but I just tell him if he can’t run with the big dogs then stay off the porch. He doesn’t see the humor in that as I do.

One year ago today, I lost this little man. Jack was a "rescue" and lived his best life in his last 6 years. He was loved and spoiled right until he the end. I'll miss him - my lttle toot-toot.


Anonymous said...

Aw, man! I was loving this story right up until the very end :( I have 3 rescues myself and have had a total of 5 rescues in my lifetime, so I've lost 2 and I know how very painful it can be. I'm so sorry for your loss, find some peace in knowing you gave him the best life and he loved you so very much.

The Bug said...

So sorry Kimberly - he sure was a cutie.

kittycat said...

TOOO cute.
I have three dogs myself.
All little ones.

So sorry for your loss. : (

I know how important mine are to me.

Heff said...

My name is Heff, but they call me Toot - Toot, also.

SkitzoLeezra said...

I am sorry for your loss, Kim.

JLee said...

aw, poor Jack :(
I was thinking of getting a Xmas puppy, but damn it I'm not supposed to have pets here!

BlazngScarlet said...

I rescued my Princess almost a year ago .... and i've never been happier!

I'm so sorry that you lost Jack/Toot-Toot .... but you can see that he was well loved! =)

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