Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post Do-Over - First Blog Post

Below is my first blog post(really):

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My First Blog

This isn't really my first blog. I blogged once about a year ago and haven't blogged since. So, here I go again. As I write this I wonder what type of blogger I will be? A serious blogger? A funny blogger? A sad blogger? A daily blogger? What exactly is a blog? An online diary? Is it really a diary when the world has the opportunity to read it without being caught in the act? Myspace without the pictures? Who knows but I must say I am most excited about being a part of the blogging community. My life is not in shambles today nor was it near ruin yesterday and safely escaping Mardi Gras has been a great victory in itself. With that being read, I must safely escape my blog for now and last but not least welcome to my blog spot.

Posted by Kimberly at 11:34 AM

Say it with me now -- CHEESEY!

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