Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Things

I get most people, most things. I can push back irritation and do so by just ignoring or smiling and nodding but sometimes, sometimes I can't help my mouth.

The first issue is people who sends you an email or instant message and then immediately walks to your office or calls you via the phone and asks "did you get my message?".

The second is people who have to talk in detail about what they need to pack for a trip. My life for the past 3 weeks has consisted of these words 2-3 times per day: all weather coat, light jacket, light sweatshirt, denim jacket, extra jeans, extra medicine, weather, weather, weather. The time this person is going to spend outside would be from the airport to the car, the car to a hotel, the car to a hospital. Possible exposure time (and I am being very generous) 2 hours. I have never ever discussed what I need to pack for a weekend trip or a major vacation. Hell, I even take vacations and tell people I am doing nothing just so I don't have to engage in conversation about MY upcoming vacation. My boyfriend of 7 seven years and I called it quits last year and I even kept that close to my vest. Even some of my family were in the dark. I feel no need to discuss somethings with people I work with or even know.

Is this wrong?


The Bug said...

Oh that first one - there's a guy at work who calls me as soon as he clicks send. It's kind of a joke between us now, but most of the time I want to reach through the phone & ring his neck!

As to the second one - what, you don't want to know about the fact that I always pack one extra pair of underwear for every trip?

BamaTrav said...

You're an isolationist. A possible replacement for Theodore Kazinsky.


I think it is very healthy to keep your private life separate from your work life. It's also more professional. To not tell people in your real life, just shows that you're a private person.

Or a sociopath. :)


Only one Bug?

middle child said...

There is nothing wrong about what you choose to disclose to anyone. Ever!

KittyCat said...

My mother does the 2nd one all the time. She is always going on mission trips and she even goes as far as having me come to her house to see all she can fit into a tiny suit case.
Drives me nuts. but Im too nice to tell her.

Dear you and you and you said...

I agree with keeping the personal life out of the work life. It is easier the less people know about you. Less conversation and more work...although some jobs don't make it easy...they want everyone to be friendly and share...BAH! LOL

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