Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love Sex and the City. Love, love, love the series, love all of the characters and the 1st movie. Ok, now the real reason for this post: Sara Jessica Parker. She doesn't seem to be aging very well as you can see in the pics below. She used to be the fresh faced curly haired girl that could. Now she seems more the what can I do to look good gal who tries to hard - her curls are mostly gone & she is too tan and somehow school marmie. The top picture is from earlier in the series and the bottom picture is from SATC 2.

I always thought she had an amazing body but as she is getting older and with the tanning or fake tanning it is not doing much for her skin.

Sorry SJP this is not a slam because I do love you but give us back the curly headed girl who could.

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