Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you ever wonder how you have become the person you are? I think of my parents and most certainly I am more like my father than my mother in these aspects:


Is a loner
Makes friends easily but really only cares about himself
Is a slow eater
Always on the go


Doesn't "friend" herself out very much but does much for her family
Is a picky eater
Smacks when she eats
Is afraid to take chances

And I am like neither in these aspects:

They don't drink
They like to talk on the phone
Eat their steaks well done

I am stubborn, selfish, a dog person, slow eater, a napper, a drinker, a sipper, a guzzler, a funneler. I think of ways to change the world, I dream in color, I think of running away when I have a bad day, can only commit 5 years to a relationship and then I'm ready to move on. I think cleanliness is close to godliness and that a clean, neat, straight home is an absolute reflection on the woman only, because men are not expected to clean base boards or dust blinds. I can go days without human contact or turning on the TV but I can't go days without my evening cocktail. I love to cook laborious meals, I rarely give out compliments, seeing elderly people in public struggling to open a door or trying to eat a meal without spilling their food from trembling upsets me beyond belief. I believe red fingernail polish and red lipstick will never be anything less than classic and always in style. I love flowers, front porches, rocking chairs and fried chicken and I would never wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day.

Where does all of my quirkiness come from?

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." ~~ Dr. Suess


Anonymous said...

Good question. I am not like either of my parents either.

The Savage said...

I'm the me-est me I can be

Red Shoes said...

We are who we are... a bit of Mom... a bit of Dad... and a great bit of what happens to us each and everyday and how we respond to the people who come and go throughout our lives...

I like this post...



But admit it, some days you wish you were me!

Anonymous said...

5 YEARS??? Hell, we should hook up. I can go about 5 days.

JLee said...

I love it...I'm with you on the 5 year thing. Seems to be my cutoff point as well.

Rathod Roshni said...

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