Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas is coming! Funny how, not really, how it sneaks up on us so quickly. Oh but how I do love the delightful holiday season, but really, after Labor Day and Summer's End, we tip toe over Halloween and poor ol' Thanksgiving doesn't have a shot in hell before the aisles of every store are saturated with colors of silver, gold and green.

My life is moving at the speed of sound these days. My days melt into months. I can barely catch my breath and I surely have no time for myself, not as I use to and at what cost? I have no kids, no husband, I am not civically active and I keep my family at arm's length, I have just one job so why am I stretched so thin? I could say I am a miserable and tired but I am neither. I am just floating and hoping I don't land before that fantastic breeze carries me to where I wish to go.

I once heard someone say "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special". I don't know if I agree with this or not.

Two-thousand and ten is on her way out and quickly. What have you accomplished?


JLee said...

wow...let's see, I turned my life upside down..we'll see if it's for the better :)

Red Shoes said...

Blerk... about the only thing I've really done this year is get pneumonia and then have a bitch of a time shaking it... this is NOT fun.

I love the Holidays... I wish that we didn't skirt over Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving however...

Christmas seems to arrive around the end of September... our Walmart already has stuff out...



KrippledWarrior said...

Doll, I shoved more living into the first 30 years than most people see in 80. And I never take halloween & Thanksgiving for granted. They're both excellent reasons to throw a party. never let one of those get past unobserved.

Just telling it like it is said...

I drank a lot of beer...now I am tired of you not giving me my attention...you need to read my post it is so funny and gross!

KittyCat said...

Personally, My fav is Halloween.
Now I would have to say that I agree that I would be happier having some really kickass moments than a whole life time of just "Average" .

aka "soccermom"

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